The Almanax: A Deeper Dive

30 Aug 2012

Last week you were introduced to the mysterious Almanax, a book that brings new challenges to face on daily basis which allow you to reap bountiful rewards. Now you will learn the origins of the Almanax and how it will change your daily life in the World of Twelve as of September 18th!

Origins of the Almanax

Hundreds of years ago, Magus Ax, eminent Professor of magic and divinatory arts, asked himself the question… “Were days protected by ‘higher’ beings?
If months were governed by Protectors, and hours by Daemons, what about the days? Someone must have been taking care of the days and the events that repeat each year! But who?

Magus Ax explored the Krosmoz and found the answer on the Astral Plane: the keepers of the day indeed existed, and were called Meridia.

Meridia were hand-picked by Xelor himself. Each one of them had special powers and personalities, influencing the day they were bound to. That’s what we call the Meridian Effect.
Eventually, Magus Ax decided to gather his discoveries into a book he named the Almanax and stored it in a place called the Temple of Scriptures.

Well, that’s what legend says at least!. It was a long time ago and could have been just a children’s tale… until today!
The Clan of Destiny is about to bring back an ancient cathedral from the Dofus Era: the Temple of Scriptures, the one where Magus Ax himself placed the Almanax!

In-game Effects

Starting September 18th, the Almanax will be available in-game. But what does that really mean for you?  Each day, a quest matching one of the Meridia will be offered to you and you will only have that one day to complete it!
Trigger automatically upon connection to the game, the system will monitor your progress in a dedicated UI element on the side of your screen.

Feature in development, not yet translated.

Since these quests will only be available one day a year, these quests were made easy and accessible in order to allow you ample opportunity to successfully complete them!
And with the completion of each daily task, you will be rewarded with an “Almoken” — a specific token for the Almanax, giving access to exclusive items in a similar fashion to Challenge or Dungeon Tokens.

Feature in development, not yet translated.

The associated Token Machine can be found in the Temple of Scriptures, Northern Astrub.

Many items can be obtained this way; from a single candy to level 100 weapons but also insignias, an exclusive pet and even books about the Signs of the Doziak.
For the most loyal, an ultimate reward will be available which will show off your dedication in style: an exclusive mount for the price of 365 Almokens!
Yes, that’s right! A mount! More information about it and the system in the future…
As you can see, the Almanax is a new way to experience the game on a daily basis with new and unique gifts rewarding you for your efforts and persistence on a short, middle and long-term scale (again, depending on your effort). Whether you log in every so often or collect all of them all in an effort to be the very best, everyone wins!


A new “Almanax” button will appear near in the compass, on top right corner of your screen.

The Almanax interface will allow you to gather information about the story of the Meridia of the Day, a reminder about the daily quest, and information on the Protector of the Month.
And that’s not all: through this interface element, you’ll also be able preview a list of potential Almanax rewards!
If you’re the planning type, we will have a complete section dedicated to the Almanax on the website soon. Here, you’ll be able to access this content to find information about the Almanax quest of the day and the next seven days to come. Enough to plan ahead, eh?

Now you know everything there is to know about the Almanax! The complete discovery of its content will have to be your own achievement, every day, by completing all the quests that we prepared for you.
See you in-game soon enjoying this new feature!