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WAKFU: Foggernaut, the Invasion!

28 Aug 2012

Foggernauts just emerged and assaulted HQs and villages without warning. If nobody drives them off, they might take over the World of Twelve in a few hours! Watch the video of their surprise attack and be the first to face them on land and see. It’s time to fight back!

All hands of the World of Twelve on deck!

Foggernauts invaders just launched an offensive and assaulted the starting areas of each nation. They must be stopped at all cost!

Here is the strategy that will be applied:

  • Step 1: You have to defeat the Foggernauts that surfaced to stop their progress. Once you defeated your first one, the real fight begins: you’ll have to take down 50 Foggernauts!
  • Step 2: Once this objective is reached, you’ll have a chance to end this war but only by defeating one of their most lethal killing machine: the Sire Flexington boss. He will be waiting for you on the Crimson Claw Island! Better go there with a group if you hope to defeat him…

The winners will receive an exclusive title and other rewards, additionally to the gratitude of their fellow-citizens!

Organize the counter attack and drive off the Foggernauts to the depth of the Sea!

Join the fight in game right now!