Content Update 1.5: Hotfix 2 Deployment

We will be deploying a second hotfix to resolve a number of issues that were reported within WAKFU Content Update 1.5. Here is a list of the changes that will be made.

The hotfix is scheduled to begin deployment on Monday at 11 PM PST, and will last for approximately 3 hours. During this time, all game servers will be temporarily unavailable.

Please feel free to monitor the Server Status sub-forum for up-to-the-minute news regarding the state of the game server.



  • All spells that couldn’t be cast without target can now be used on the Sadida Totem


  • Kittikaze: Description of the spell’s effects will now be correct.
  • Flea Love: Can no longer be applied to self


  • Psykosis Flask & Infected Flask: Will now deal the intended damage when cast on the side or on the back of the target.


 Eniripsa & Pandawa

  • Absorption & Karchamrak: it will no longer be possible to cumulate Absorption levels while carrying an Eniripsa with a Pandawa.



  • Smacker & Prime of Life: Combat movements under Smacker and Prime of Life will now work correctly.



  • Glyphes: It will be possible to transform a neutral Glyph with a Bubble, Volcano, or Fecammer.
  • Peace Armor: The Peace Armor visual effect will be correctly removed when the Feca finishes the fight under this appearance.



  • Crackler Punch: Creatures under the Crackler Punch effect will run instead of walk.
  • General: Female Osamodas will have horns again.



  • Dairy Springer & Milk Fountain: Will deal the intended dmg when cast on the side or in the back.
  • Karchamrak: Animation problems in spectator mode linked to the Karchamrak at the end of the fight have been fixed.



  • Pulsar: A character defeated with Pulsar will play his death animation correctly.
  • Wall of Bombs: Exploding a bomb placed in the center, leading to a wall of flames will not split the wall in two parts.



  • Rejectattoo, Sacrier’s Fist & Assault: These spells will now have the effect “if the target is stabilized, it receives 1 to 10 additional damage”.
  • Sacrier’s Fist: Will now pull the target instead of moving the Sacrier. The description was changed accordingly.
  • Blood Pact: The spell is rebalanced and will now have at level 20 +20% HP to the Sacrier and +8% to his allies, instead of +30% and +6%.
  • Smasher: The evolution of Incurable in critical hit was changed.



  • Tree: This spell will not take the PvP HP bonus into account.
  • Dolls: Upon death, dolls will disappear from the fight.
  • Voodoll: A totem bound to a dead Sadida will disappear from the fight.


  • Double: Will correctly disappear on the first hit.
  • First Blood: Will now work correctly in PvP.


  • Xelor Punishment: It will now be possible to target the cell of the current time of the Dial with this spell.
  • Rollback & Temporal Burn: Rollback will now work as intended with Temporal Burn.


  • General: If a player gains a level during a fight (thanks to a quest for example), he will no longer receive his entire HP back.
  • Damage Rebound & Counter: The mechanic was changed. Damage Rebound will no longer reduce the damage rebounded. The target will receive 100% damage and rebound x%. The effect Counter will however reduce the rebounded damage
  • A chat feedback message was added in case of aggression by another player.
  • The animation of a spell cast twice in a row will display correctly.
  • Scalded State: will work correctly on 9 cells monsters.
  • PvP: The PvP HP bonus will be better displayed.


Ultimate Bosses

  • Croupiers: They have been moved in front of the entrance of the waiting rooms.
  • Excarnus & Magmog:
    • Area of effects (beacons, barrels, etc.) will now be automatically destroyed at the beginning of their turn in an area of 3 cells around them.
  • Excarnus: Will now take the cooldown of his Totem spells into account.
  • Milkar: He will now have a state “Hunter Instinct” giving him 3MP at the beginning of his turn if he is in “Were” and no player is in a radius of 8 cells around him.



  • World bosses have finally vanished from the World of Twelve for good! You will not be able to fight them anymore.


  • Forfut: Vampyro will no longer skip his turn when under the effect of K’mir or Crackler Punch.


  • Glai Down the Law: Will now trigger correctly. Furthermore, to make it coherent, the quest name was changed.



  • Oh Moogrr, Where Art Cow?: Can now be completed correctly.
  • Treesylum: Can now be completed correctly.
  • Richie Riktus: Can be completed by a Sadida using a Totem.
  • Heads or Tails: This challenge in Kelba now has better feedback.


  • Chest: it will now be possible to store Craft Haven-Gems in the guild chest.



  • Blood Red Amethyst: The level 85 required to harvest this Blood Red Amethyst will be correctly displayed in the Professions Book.
  • Flank: Will now be obtainable on Wild Gobballs.
  • Crab Stick: Will now be obtainable on Sufokia’s Crabs.
  • Leather Shop: Sewing Workshop, recipe level 95 in Carpentry will now be named Leather Shop.
  • A Kama Minting Machine in the Martial Path of Brakmar couldn’t be reached: it has been relocated inside the building to be available once again.
  • Death Cap: Will correctly appear in the weather interface of a Clan Member.
  • Crow Feathers: Will be harvestable to Trappers lvl 50.



  • General: Items granting a bonus to spells level will also impact the element mastery correctly.
  • Inventory: Equipment slots will no longer stay greyed out once an item was dumped.
  • Sets: Level of the merged sets will now be displayed and equal the level of the higher item of the set.
  • Milkar, Excarnus, Black Crow and Magmog sets: Can be merged.
  • Pioneer Set: Can be stored in a chest.
  • Blue Piwi Set: Will grant its bonus again.
  • Apisauce:
    • Apisauce will now have a condition preventing it from being consumed if HP is not lower than the maximum HP. This should prevent you from using them unintentionally.
  • Fire of Love: the feedback to light a torch is now correct when the Fire of Love is equipped.


  • Milimoowolf: Its inventory icon will now have the same color as in game.

Haven Bag

  • Permissions:
    • Individual permissions granted in the Haven Bag will now be limited to 25 entries.