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Almanax: Making each day unique!

24 Aug 2012

You already know about the Protectors of the months! You’re also aware of the Deamons of the Hours…  What you didn’t know, is that days also have their benefactors! From September 18, discover the Meridia, and if you accomplish all the challenges of these minor divinities, available on the Almanax, you might be rewarded with the first ever mount in WAKFU!

Few years ago, Magus Ax, eminent Professor of magic and divinatory arts, decided to solve a great mystery: if months were governed by Protectors, and hours by Daemons, what about the days? Wasn’t there anyone in the high spheres of Ingloriom to take care of them?

And how to explain these strange events repeating each year, such as St. Ballotwine’s Day or Al Howin? What if each day had such an impact, more or less visible in the World of Twelve?

Specialist of astral journeys, Magus Ax, explored the Krosmoz and found the answer on the Astral Plane: minor gods hand-picked by Xelor himself were promoted to Keepers of the Days or Meridia. Each one of them had special powers and personalities, influencing the day they were bound to. That’s what we call the Meridian Effect

The research of Magus Ax was gathered into a book: the Almanax.

From September 18th, all adventurers will get access to this book online, to discover the Meridian Effect of the day, which translates into a theme and a daily quest!

In other words, each new day will offer rewards to those who read the Almanax and complete the daily quest.

And about the Mount, only the most resolved can entertain the hope of riding one! It will only be granted to those who complete the 365 daily quests of the Almanax… Even though its origins and powers are not yet fully known, it will surely be a proof that you completed a great dead…