WAKFU: New Ogrine Payment Methods Now Available

Expand your WAKFU experience with Ogrines! New payment methods are now available with the introduction of PaypalRixty, and Ultimate Game Card!

Can’t live without a cuddly stuffed Tofu for your Haven Bag? Or perhaps you want to show your devotion to the Way of the Ninja through the use of an Insignia… whatever your reason, it just got easier!

As of today, North American players will now have expanded — and cheaper– payment options for purchasing Ogrines for items in the WAKFU Boutique!

Ogrine Rates

In addition to lowering the $25 package to $20, we’ve normalized the Ogrine-to-Dollar rate and made it easier to understand. What does this mean?

You now get more Ogrines for your buck!

Paying for Ogrines

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and PayByCash are still valid payment methods, but now you’ll also be able to take advantage of Paypal, Rixty, and Ultimate Game Card for ANY PACKAGE as well — all for the same flat rate!

Paypal is available as a free online service. Rixty Pre-Paid Card and Ultimate Game Card are available at many local retail locations throughout the U.S. (Walmart, GameStop, CVS, 7-Eleven, Walgreens, etc.). For more information on where to purchase Ultimate Game Cards and Rixties, please visit their websites.

We are very excited about being able to offer new payment options, and we hope you are excited too!

Buy Ogrines Now!