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The Arrival Of The Twelve

7 Aug 2012

Arrival Of The 12

Since the implementation of patch 1.23, adventurers around Eorzea have started to notice strange images appearing around the realm.

These are the symbols that represent the twelve deities of Eorzea. The images have been appearing in several locations including the three City States.

No one can deny the likely connection that the appearance of these symbols have with Dalamud and the coming of the Seventh Umbral Era, however it’s currently unknown if these symbols are merely for show, or if they will play a role in events to come.

Do these symbols hint at an appearance of the twelve deities? Are they simply a sign from beyond that says “We got your back when Dalamud hits the fan!” or could it be a sign that the twelve are in fact, already here.

Could Louisoix be the guardian deity Thaliak?

Louisiox is the head of the “Circle of Knowing” a group of scholars that hail from Sharlayan. When the Primal fights were introduced, he could be found in Gridania assiting players with entering the realms of the Primals to do battle with the summoned beasts. The image on his staff is the symbol for Thaliak:

Thaliak, ruler of rivers and wisdom and god of knowledge, is the guardian deity of Sharlayan. He commands the element of Water and is associated with the third moon of the Eorzean calendar. Thaliak is the father of Llymlaen, and the teacher of Byregot. He is most often depicted as a reserved scholar holding an ashen staff. His symbol is the scroll.

Louisiox definitely has the scholar part down, and he’s also wielding a staff (not to mention one with the symbol of the deity right on it!). We also know that it’s Louisiox that helps spare us from the fate of the events that begin the Seventh Umbral Era. Could a scholar truly posses that kind of power? Or is there more too him than we know?

And then of course we have the one known Archon- Urianger. It was his presence that served as base for many of the live events that have appeared in the game. However he wields an Arcanist weapon so it’s not as easy to identify him with one of the Twelve.


What do you think of the appearance of the deity symbols? Do you have ideas for characters that could actually be one of the Twelve? Let us know on our forums!