WAKFU: Content Update 1.5 – Teaser

There are a TON of changes coming with Content Update 1.5: “In Search of Bosses”, releasing August 7th! Class rebalancing, PvP, Quests, Utimate Bosses, the list goes on! We also have a little surprise for you: a sneak peak at the upcoming Ultimate Bosses! We hope you are as excited as we are!

Today, we would like to disclose the first part of Content Update 1.5 by listing some of the new content that will be implemented on August 7th.

The second part will list additional improvements and bug fixes and will be communicated during the patching process on Wednesday. In the meantime, enjoy!


As we announced a few days ago, global class balancing will be implemented. Find out more, class by class, by following these links:

These major changes made to the thirteen classes will also come with a total stat reset (spell experience, as well as ability and specialty points).

Note that along with the class balancing, many bugs linked to the classes themselves will be fixed as well.


If you are fond of little critters, then you will be thrilled to know about the new pets being introduced with Content Update 1.5: the Milimoowolf and the Baby Schnek!

The Milimoowolf will provide you with a Block bonus and can be obtained as a classic loot drop. You have your work cut out for you finding out which monsters drop it!

The Baby Schnek will provide you with a Wisdom bonus. How can you get it, you ask? Well, remember what happend to the Queen Schnek’s eggs the last time you visited Mt. Zinit? Consider that a small tip to help you with figuring out how to get one of her babies!


We have improved the current quest system in order to make it more dynamic and varied. Now you will be able to experience four kinds of quests: “Adventure”, “Environmental”, “Automatic”, and “Discovery” quests.

We also have reworked the quest interface to make it more accessible: the Quest Book has been reorganized, the ergonomic design of the Achievement Monitor has been enhanced, and we have made a few more improvements for greater readability and global comprehension.

Want to know more about it? Check out the Dev Blog article!


A major new improvement that we know is close to your heart: the implementation of a new World Boss system, the “Ultimate Bosses”!

This improvement is linked to the previous point about the Quest Book. In order to access the different Ultimate Bosses’ Lairs, you will first have to complete a quest. No more time spent waiting for your turn: now, you all have a chance to try to beat them!

To find out the access conditions to this high level content, as well as additional info, read the dedicated Dev Blog article!

And let’s not forget the little bonus we wanted to give you: our video teaser for the Ultimate Bosses!

If you watched the video, you may have noticed the arrival of a “small” addition to the Ultimate Boss family. Welcome the Gobbalrog! You can find him in Brakmar: you’ll have to venture to the foot of the volcano and search for clues that will bring you to the doors of his residence. You asked for a challenge? Well, here you go…

Amaknians, Bontarians and Sufokians, if you think you are safe, you are wrong: your Nations will soon see the advent of exclusive Ultimate Bosses as well!

Please also note that the Ultimate Boss Gobbsage will be improved. The Gobbsage will not appear in all the Nations but only in the “Wild Estate” in its spectral shape: “Excarnus”.

And remember to be careful as you engage in this exciting new content… the Ultimate Bosses difficulty has been increased and the fight loot has also changed! You will find the details about it in part two of the patch notes.

Some inhabitants of the World of Twelve are already chanting a disturbing message: “Excarnus will steal your soul, the Moowolf will devour you, the Crow will steal your feathers, and the Gobbalrog will make you go through hell!


One of the aims of the class balancing effort is to restart improvements to PvP on a sound foundation. With this patch, we will implement some improvements like a Health Points boost during PvP fights, a new timeline system, and a non-aggression state after a defeat during a PvP challenge.

You can find out more about all of these improvements in the dedicated Dev Blog article.

That’s all for now. We’ll be back with the complete version in a few short days. We hope you’re looking forward to this Content Update!