Content Update 1.5: Releasing August 7th

We are pleased to announce that Content Update 1.5 is scheduled go live next week on Tuesday, August 7th. On the menu: big stuff (World Bosses revamp!), balanced things (Classes – with respecs – and PvP!), and the brand new (Quest system!).

The WAKFU Content Update 1.5: “Questing for Bosses!” will be implemented on Tuesday, August 7th and will feature a variety of new content and improvements, including:

    • Ultimate Bosses: Evolution of the existing World Bosses into “Ultimate Bosses”. These hideous monsters with formidable powers will make you tremble! (Read the Dev Blog.)



    • PvP: Improvements on the rules and mechanics of Player-versus-Player combat are coming! (Read the Dev Blog.)


  • Quests: An innovative new quest system that will change the way you explore and experience the game! (Read the Dev Blog.)

The first part of the patch notes will be published on August 2nd and will give you more information, as well as a few surprises!

To know all the details (improvements, bug fixing, etc.) you will have to wait for the complete version of the patch notes, which will be published right after the content update goes live.