Dev Blog: PvP Combat Revisited

Incooooming! Take a look at our latest Dev Blog where we discuss changes to Player-versus-Player combat included in Content Update 1.5!

We are excited to share with you some remodeling plans for Player-versus-Player combat in the next patch.

First, we would like to state that these are just the first round of changes. In the coming months, we plan to make additional alterations to PvP — in terms of both rulesets and associated game content. For this first phase however, we will try to extend the duration of fights while at the same time strengthen the tactical depth of fights.

As always, we will carefully listen to your feedback in order to implement a PvP system that you will find both enjoyable and rewarding.

Balancing & Bonuses

One of the changes we intend to implement will be very straightforwared: upgrading Health Points!

The system is simple: when a player enters into PvP combat his or her Health Points will automatically be multiplied by 3. The player can see his or her PvP Health Points directly via the life bar and they will have a special color.

Through this change, going first won’t be as important and we hope it will improve tactical play. One example of this is the fact that players will have to pay more attention to how they manage their Wakfu Points. Forget the mindless duels that finish within two turns!

There is some subtlety, however; during PvP, some spell effects will only be applied by taking into account the base Health Points of the player, and not the total of Health Points boosted thanks to the PvP bonus.

Here is the list of the exceptional spells:

  • Sacrier: Coagulation
  • Ecaflip: Black Bow Meow, Hairy Moon, Meowtyrdom Tarot, The Croquette
  • Eniripsa: Sadist Mark, Regeneration, Transcendence, Coney, Massacuring Mark
  • Enutrof: Drhellzerker, Phone a Frhend, Combat Training
  • Pandawa: Master of Merriment
  • Sram: Torment
  • Sadida: Doll

We hope that these changes will make PvP more tactical and longer. In addition, with the class balancing that you have seen this week, this will lay a sound foundation to evolve the PvP system in the right direction.

New Timeline

We are also introducing a new feature that will impact both PvP and PvE (fighting against creatures). It is therefore important to discuss it in this Dev Blog as well.

It has been decided to change the current Timeline system to further strengthen the strategic aspect of combat and prevent devastating combos based solely on the Initiative rank of players. The timeline is the Initiative gauge appearing on the right side of your screen and determines the order of turns for each player and their enemies in combat.

We will change the way in which we calculate the turn of each player within the timeline. This will now be done at the end of the preparation phase and will go through two steps:

If several players have the same Initiative, this is how their order will be determined:

  • The player with the highest rating will play first.
  • If players have the same rating, we will decide the order of play randomly.

If the two teams do not have the same number of fighters, they will be spread as described above. The largest team will then have several players who will play in a row.

Here is an example of the system:

We recognize that this new system will reduce the impact of Initiative on PvP; however, we plan to make additional improvements to PvP in upcoming updates to:

  • Facilitate the understanding of game mechanics,
  • Strengthen the impact of Initiative on the combat system,
  • Better pace combat with the appearance of faster and regular Initiative bonuses.

We’ll talk more in details about these when the time comes.

Non-Aggression State

Much of the community suffers from “camping” and many of you have reached out to us. We have listened to your feedback and decided to put in place, in Content Update 1.5, a state of “Non-Aggression.”

When a player is killed in an aggressive PvP battle, this state will automatically be applied to the “victim” for a period of 5 minutes, during which time the player can no longer be attacked. However, any PvP action on that player’s part will make the state disappear. Additionally, if you assault a player when you are in a state of non-aggression, you will automatically lose that state.

This limitation will evolve with future updates of PvP content to take into account any possible scenario. Our goal is to eliminate behaviors interfering with your enjoyment of the game while also not creating other loopholes and PvP immunities.


I conclude with a modification to the KenKO, this item lets you resurrect someone outside of a fight. Know that now using this item takes you 10 seconds, and it will apply the Mal-o-arm (like a return to the “classic” Phoenix).

That’s all for now! As we have stated throughout this Dev Blog, these are merely the first steps in our continued effort to make Player-versus-Player combat more enjoyable and rewarding. We will come back to you shortly to discuss our progress on this aspect of WAKFU, and to discuss other optimizations that will soon be added! In the mean time, we look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy the changes!