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Dev Blog: The Quest System

19 Jul 2012

In the next update, we plan to implement a new, clearer and more varied Quest System for the players. Come discover all the details in this Dev Blog!

Currently, all quests are available in-game using the interface below:

You can view them at any time and keep track of your progress for the quests that interest you the most:

From this functionality, we will soon introduce a brand new system which will arrive in the next update!

Though do keep in mind, Challenges will remain the same and will always be a separate system.

System Objectives

With the new quest system, we aim to:

  • Guide you through key moments of the game
  • Enrich your experience by way of various new adventures of different lengths
  • Incorporate lore elements from the Krosmoz universe

This will do no harm to the “sandbox” aspect of WAKFU that we want to preserve at all costs. Similarly, we also will not put aside our desire to avoid having static NPCs giving tasteless quests. Both of these points are inherent to our vision of the game and have naturally been taken into account.

It’s for this reason that the majority of the game’s quests will be presented to you dynamically: it will be up to you to choose whether you want to take them on or not.

Quest Types

The new system will feature four distinct types of quests.

The “Adventure” Quests:

These are quests that allow you to access the Ultimate Bosses, Mount Zinit, and other key locations. They allow you to experience an adventure with a specific goal to achieve while you discover a part of the universe. They are generally non-repeatable.
Example: After killing a Boowolf found in the Wild Prairie you trigger the quest “Misplaced Boowolf”* that asks you to find the entrance to their den in the area. If successful, this will trigger another quest, “The Gobball and Boowolf”*. And so on.

The “Environmental” Quests:

These quests are triggered automatically when you enter or are in the area linked to the event. When leaving the area, it will disappear from your list of available quests. All involved players in the area on the same quest will join forces in a community quest.
Example: Grambos have moved into the area where you just arrived and created small camps. Destroy their facilities by killing all Grambos in the area.

The “Automatic” Quests:

These quests are related to the tutorial or the Wild Achievements (replacing them). They will appear by themselves by following your progress and your character level criteria, Citizenship Points, etc. They will give you targeted and short-term goals.
Example: By killing a Gobball you have triggered a quest “Gobball Massacre”* which asks you to kill 20 Gobballs.

The “Discovery” Quests:

These quests reward players during their travels when they discover new key elements of the universe. You do not need to accept them as they are triggered instantly at the time of the discovery of an area or item and will immediately give you a reward. A notification will be displayed for a few seconds, informing you that you have completed a quest. That means that this type of quest will never appear in your Quest Book and you will not be able to repeat them.
Example: Entering Ruins of Bonta for the first time, you complete a discovery quest and earn a reward.

*Quest names and objectives are subject to change.

Quest Triggers

The different quest types and the circumstances in which they will appear may vary, but the way they are triggered will almost always be the same.

Quests will be launched when all the launch conditions (unknown to the player) are met. Once a quest is triggered, an acceptance interface will open up and it will be up to you to accept or decline. Don’t panic if you decline it; you might have another chance to accept it later on.

Completing a quest will offer specific incentives as was already the case before.

Beware, however, that all of the quests do not open the acceptance interface. This is the case with “Environmental” quests that are automatically recorded as “in progress” when entering the area where you need to achieve them. Similarly, the “Discovery” quests are completed at the very moment you trigger them.

Quest Interface

You will be able to “track” 5 quests of your choice from among those you have accepted.

The quests will be monitored and will appear in a dedicated interface on the left of your screen.

Such an interface is already in place but in a much more limited way. The new interface will give you more details about the steps of the quest in order to complete it, and will be visually less intrusive. One feature will be the possibility to expand or minimize the interface to display or hide the steps left to validate for each current quest.




When a new quest appears and is accepted, it will automatically turn on its tracking status, and place it at the top of the quest list. The oldest quest will disappear but will remain available in the Quest Book. But you will still have the choice to click and choose which of the quests you want to follow!

Note that this interface can also be moved wherever you want on your game screen.

Finally, the automatically accepted “Environmental” quests will appear in an additional area of the tracking interface which will be specifically reserved for them. This means that you can follow more than 5 quests simultaneously if they include Environmental quests. 

The Quest Book

The Quest Book interface is definitely the thing that will change the least. You will be able to access it the same way you do now.

Three distinct tabs will make their appearance. All quests that you accept will appear in these tabs according to their theme:

  • Mount Zinit: Quests received at Mount Zinit.
  • World: Quest received world-wide.
  • Ultimate Boss: Quests related to the Ultimate Bosses

Other categories may be added later.

By simply clicking on the quest you can also always access their details. The layout will change somewhat and you will be able to have additional information, but overall we aimed to keep this interface relatively unchanged:

Friends & Sharing

We’ve saved the best news for last: one of the major additions to this system is that you will be able to complete your quests as a group!

If you are in a group when you’re offered a quest, and you accept it, it will automatically be shared with the other members of the group, provided they fulfil the quest’s conditions. That means that you’ll be able to accomplish the different objectives together, so earning rewards will be more fun and accessible for everyone!

You can also share the quest at any point in the game with other people in your group directly through the Quest Book.

See you very soon in-game to discover this new system!