Boutique: New Items + Ecaflip Pack Sale

Looking to upgrade your Ecaflip, or give your Haven Bag a little Ecaflip flare? Now is your chance with the Ecaflip Pack, on sale July 18th to July 22nd! And, if that wasn’t enough, we are also rolling out the brand new Flamboyant Set and Flamboyant Insignia!

Save now on the “ECAFLIP PACK,
          only available from July 18th to July 22nd!

3,250   3,000

The Ecaflip Pack includes:

Makabrards (Earth)

This old, cursed weapon has broken free from the soul of its ex-master, who was killed in combat. Have you got what it takes to free the power held within…?
Level 100 bonus: +1 AP, +75 HP, +10 INI, +4% CH, +10% Damage.

Includes the following:


Games Table

Because all work and no play makes you a dull kitty.

Includes the following:


Painting 1/14 – Disciples Collection

“One critical failure and all is lost!” – A jaded Ecaflip.

Includes the following:


Now Available: New Appearance Items!

For the first time, you can purchase as a Set or as an Insignia. Hypnotize the crowd as you sparkle like a real star!

Designed with female characters in mind, but can be worn by either gender. Non-tradable.

Set includes the following (also sold separately):
Captivating Hairband
Spectacular Epaulettes
Pwitty Bustier
– Rustly Cape
Eye-Catching Boots