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Boutique: Iop Pack Sale

16 Jul 2012

\Looking for an edge in the new Mobile Arenas? Is your Haven Bag feeling a little gloomy of late? Then we have just the deal for you! Swing by the Boutique and grab the “Iop Pack“, only on sale until this Wednesday, July 18th at Midnight PST!


 Save now on the “IOP PACK“!

Only available until Wednesday, July 18th at Midnight PST!

3,250   3,000

This pack includes:

Great Makabra Sword (Earthy)

This old, cursed weapon has broken free from the soul of its ex-master, who was killed in combat. Have you got what it takes to free the power held within…?
Level 100 bonus: +1 AP, +150 HP, +20 INI, +4%CH, +20% Damage.

Includes the following:


Iop Dresser

This dresser is as thick as two short planks. Great for your slashy things!

Includes the following:


Iop Painting – Disciples Collection

Kikou’s Victory – Iop finger painting. Who knew Iops were so gifted?!

Includes the following: