Event: Monster Mash

OMG! They’re huge! And they’re EVERYWHERE! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!! That’s a little preview of what you all are sure to sound like this Friday when monsters invade Astrub! Head on over to the Official Square Enix WAKFU Facebook Page and Vote on which monsters you would like to see invade Astrub this Friday, July 13th starting at 6pm PST.

Visit the Official Square Enix WAKFU Facebook Page and Vote on which monster family you would like to see invade Astrub! Whichever family gets the most votes will spawn in Astrub this Friday, July 13. Players have until Friday morning to vote and the event starts at 6pm PST at the Astrub Tavern.

Your options are (drum roll, please!):

The Field Plants of Amakna                                                                                         The Bliblis of Bonta

The Bellaphones of Brakmar                                                                                       The Crabs of Sufokia

Please Note: Since this event is in Astrub, both Free and Premium players are encouraged to participate!

Additionally, we would love to get your feedback after the event. Would you like to see it as a recurrent event? Do you have any suggestions for the future? Then, by all means, let us know below!
We can’t wait to see you there – and don’t forget to vote!