WAKFU: Content Update 1.4 – Part Two

Your wait is now over! Whether you challenge the Mobile Arenas in hopes of erecting your own statue or tour the World reknown Trool Fair, whatever you decide to try out first, WAKFU’s Content Update 1.4: “The Trool Fair has arrived!

Last week we published the article “WAKFU: Content Update 1.4 – Part One” which detailed the brand-new features that will be introduced in this update. Today, we release the remaining changes to WAKFU in regards to class balance efforts, bug fixes, and other miscellaneous adjustments.

Behold, the complete listing:

Trool Fair

You’ll now be able to visit the local Trool Fair! A world renowned carnival that takes up an entire island, this theme park holds more than twenty mini-games – diversifying your gameplay like never before!

The Trool Fair can be accessed from all of the four nations, with their precise locations pre-marked on the map for your convenience. Oh, and don’t worry, your travel fees to and fro are on the house.

While at the fair, attractions can be enjoyed for a few measly Bronze Tokens that can be won either through challenges or from special Trool Fair gambling machines (for a small handful of Kamas).
Not only do these attractions provide a bit of an enjoyable distraction to your normal every day activities, but they can win you additional tokens or even unique items and even a pet!

Some of the attractions you’ll be able to try your hand at include: Gladiatrool (everyone’s favorite contest), the Gold Rush (the biggest Gold Diggers win here!), the Enutrof Game (hoarding at its finest), and the Quaquack Pond (hook-line-and-sinker). For those that shy away from competition, the petting zoo may also provide an enjoyable experience.

There are plenty more surprises there, don’t wait too long to discover them!

Mobile Arenas

The Big Tops of Mobile Arenas are settling around the World of Twelve, too, not just at the Trool Fair!  Take up the gauntlet in each of the four nations and Astrub.

For the price of one Bronze Token, you’ll be able to enter and whether alone or in a group, your objective is to survive the onslaught!

Creatures will be sent to attack you and your party in waves and the longer you stay alive, the better your chances of winning the best prizes and highest rankings. And the best of the best will even get their own statue near their Arena itself!

Free Members: you too can access the Astrub Arena!

May the best player win!
Please feel free to review the associated Dev Blog for full details of the Mobile Arenas.

New Pet: The Quaquack

Is your Tofu or Bow-Meow losing their novelty? Or maybe they’re not quite getting along with your sofa coushions… at any rate, the Quaquack is the newest pet to be released in WAKFU!, and

Only obtainable at the Trool Fair, this duckling contributes Health Point and Prospecting bonuses to your fighting prowess! Much better than a crappy carnival gold fish, wouldn’t you say?

Updater Interface

Our update tool is getting a makeover! Allowing the team to relay important game information – including video – in a clear and accessible way, this will allow you to become a more informed gamer.

Of course, it’ll also still be the hub of both launching and patching the game.



  • Bat’s Eye: level 5, 7 and 9 of this spell’s range are enhanced. The range will be 1-7, 1-8 and 1-9 (instead of 1-6, 1-7 and 1-8).
  • Beacons: no longer triggers “Cra Precision”.


  • Transcendence: heal bonus is correctly applied during the activity of the spell.

Eniripsa & Pandawa

  • Transcendence: a carried character can’t cast this spell anymore.


  • Uppercut: can’t be cast on an empty cell.
  • Gutting Gust: can’t be cast on an empty cell.


  • Magnetic Claw: the bomb count stays correctly displayed when the player carries a bomb with “Magnetic Claw”.
  • Slap Shot: its range can’t be modified anymore.


  • Voodoll: a Totem linked to a target now correctly displays target’s HP and not the caster’s.
  • Voodoll: when a target linked to a Totem dies and a player has his mouse cursor hovering over the Totem, the cursor now vanishes correctly after the fight.


  • Aging & Temporal Burn: using these two spells in combination no longer allows a free “Temporal Burn”, preventing unnatural progression speed. “Temporal Burn” will now always use its AP.


  • During a fight, a character having Willpower open on his characteristic page will update with true information.
  • Automatically locked fights now work correctly in duels.



  • The following bosses have had their AI improved to prevent sporadic periods of inactivity or turn-loss:
    • Vampyro
    • The Nun
    • Black Crow
    • Moowolf
    • Gobbsage
  • For better encounters, bosses have learned how dissipate a Feca’s rebound ability.

Black Crow

  • During the aerial phase, the Black Crow is not considered an obstacle in fight.

Lunar Dungeon

  • Moon Priestess can no longer kill the Moon with Stafflash.

Chafer Dungeon

  • Toxic mist vanishes correctly.

Vampyro Dungeon

  • Vampyro’s passive spell “Wakfu Burner” correctly displays the WP loss inflicted. This will prevent confusion around the number of remaining WP a player has in combat.
  • When using “Clinging to Life,” Vampyro earns 3 MP instead of 5.
  • Clinging to Life” now destroys every summon in the battle area.

Nun Dungeon

  • Players can no longer reach the three cells behind the nun.


  • The two Guild insignias, obtainable at level 2, are now ordered correctly.
  • Guild cape and standard no longer differ from the Guild’s Coat of Arms.



  • Comparing two different equipment pieces now correctly display their appropriate progression, such as for Makabras. Beforehand, the system was comparing the level of the equipped weapon with the level of the item you were looking at and that was making results false.
  • It is now possible to stack two items, even if it reaches the maximum stacking height of the two items.
  • You can also unmerge a set if you have enough empty slots in your inventory.


  • Makabras at maximum level no longer consume experience. This allows experience distribution more fairly between equipped Makabras that are still growing.
    • As an example, if you are level 105, your level 80 Makabra Ring gains experience faster if your Makabra Sword is level 105 because the whole fight experience goes toward your ring instead of being divided between the two Makabras.


  • Pets now have a maximum level: level 50.


  • When a craft is running, the hammer icon vanishes correctly from the progress bar.
  • Players can now correctly harvest Cashew Nuts on Mahogany.
  • A message regarding “full inventory” is no longer received upon stacking crafted items.
  • The following recipes no longer require Jelly:
    • Mechba Shovel Recipe: 10 Kokonuts replace the 3 Blue Jellies;
    • Barrier Recipe: it no longer requires 15 Blue Jellies;
    • Pospodrol Hammer Recipe: it no longer requires 2 Lemon Jellies;
    • Wheelbarrow of Cawwots Recipe: it no longer requires 7 Lemon Jellies;
    • Tailor’s Workshop Recipe: it no longer requires 10 Strawberry Jellies.


  • Characteristics are now correctly update after embedding a rune onto an equipped item.
  • The crushing interface no longer accepts gifts.
  • The Agility Rune level 10 now gives +2 Agility and not +0.
  • The amount of traded/recycled items you are receiving is now correctly updated if you trade something during a smithmagic recycling.


  • While leaving prison, the system information will now correctly display the list of items being revoked.

Mount Zinit

  • Mount Zinit canoons now clearly display their destination via the tooltip.


  • The amount of earned rewards now correctly displays in the quest interface.


  • Chafer Burner: the step “Killing the boss first” is now possible.
  • Castle Wagnar: his awards are now correctly displayed.


  • Holey Forest: the challenge “Return of the Croaker” is no longer available in selling (as it is already available at the very beginning).
  • Holey Forest: the challenge “Starsky and Mushd” is now available.

Haven Bag

  • The color of Merchant and Garden Haven-Gems are no longer inverted.


  • Players with several icons above the head (eg. a member of the government who belongs to a group), the icons are now displayed alternately instead of overlaid.
  • By unlocking the main interface and dividing it in two parts, some clickable areas of the interface become incoherent and impossible to interact with. This bug is fixed.
  • A number of benches in the World were not interactive. Now they are.