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Final Fantasy XIV At Japan Expo

7 Jul 2012

Final Fantasy XIV At Japan Expo

This weekend, Naoki Yoshida appeared on stage at Japan Expo to show off some new artwork for Final Fantasy 2.0. Among the images shown were a new map similar to those found in the 2.0 documentation that was released back in October that shows what appears to be some type of observatory in a snowy setting, as well as our first glimpse of the race specific armor.

During the presentation, Yoshida mentioned that the long awaited Alpha test for 2.0 will take place between September and October before the launch of Beta on PC and PS3 this winter. All Japan Expo attendees were given the opportunity to sign up for the 2.0 Beta at the Square Enix booth.

At the end of the presentation, Yoshida-san spoke of Square Enix’s support for FFXIV Cosplayers and stated that they’d be holding a contest online via the official website and the FFXIV Facebook page.

During his time at the show, Naoki Yoshida also signed autographs- you can see the new artwork that he signed here courtesy of @ffring on Twitter.