Final Fantasy VII Coming As Digital Download To Square Enix eStore

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy VII will be released exclusively on the Square Enix eStore later this year as a digital download for PC.

This version of the game will have new features that will help players relive what some consider to be the best game in the franchises 25 year history. New features include cloud saves and a game editor that will allow players to increase their health, magic and money. There are also plans to add an in-game achievement system that will allow you to share your progress with friends online.

The idea of game editors isn’t new. In fact lots of people used them back in the day, and still do so today. Including one with this release is puzzling. Perhaps Square Enix wants new players to be able to simply enjoy the game and its story without having to actually put effort into leveling? Also, not having the game on Steam is going to be a no-sell for a lot of PC gamers out there. What’s the point in having some achievement system if it’s going to be self contained in a single game? It sounds like there will be some way to share these achievements with others, but wouldn’t the easier way have been to make the game available on an existing platform like Steam and have the achievements displayed there? And what are the chances that the game will run higher than it’s 800×600 resolution from when it was first released on the PC? Probably pretty slim.

Will you be buying Final Fantasy VII when it comes out later this year? Or have you already played it and/or purchased it several times already and don’t feel like putting down more money for the same game yet again? Let us know what you think in our forums!