WAKFU: Content Update 1.4 – Part One

Anxious to see what’s coming up for WAKFU? Here’s a look at the first part of the Patch Notes for Content Update 1.4, arriving July 10th!

Ready for new content? We bet you are! You now may begin to prepare for July 10th, the official arrival date of Content Update 1.4: “The Tool Fair.”

And in anticipation, we present the first portion of the patch notes – just in time for your holiday, too! The second helping, consisting of bug fixes and other adjustments will be published at the time of server maintenance on the 10th.

Happy reading!

Trool Fair

You’ll now be able to visit the local Trool Fair! A world renowned carnival that takes up an entire island, this theme park holds more than twenty mini-games – diversifying your gameplay like never before!

The Trool Fair can be accessed from all of the four nations, with their precise locations pre-marked on the map for your convenience. Oh, and don’t worry, your travel fees to and fro are on the house.

While at the fair, attractions can be enjoyed for a few measly Bronze Tokens that can be won either through challenges or from special Trool Fair gambling machines (for a small handful of Kamas).
Not only do these attractions provide a bit of an enjoyable distraction to your normal every day activities, but they can win you additional tokens or even unique items and even a pet!

Some of the attractions you’ll be able to try your hand at include: Gladiatrool (everyone’s favorite contest), the Gold Rush (the biggest Gold Diggers win here!), the Enutrof Game (hoarding at its finest), and the Quaquack Pond (hook-line-and-sinker). For those that shy away from competition, the petting zoo may also provide an enjoyable experience.

There are plenty more surprises there, don’t wait too long to discover them!

Mobile Arenas

The Big Tops of Mobile Arenas are settling around the World of Twelve, too, not just at the Trool Fair!  Take up the gauntlet in each of the four nations and Astrub.

For the price of one Bronze Token, you’ll be able to enter and whether alone or in a group, your objective is to survive the onslaught!

Creatures will be sent to attack you and your party in waves and the longer you stay alive, the better your chances of winning the best prizes and highest rankings. And the best of the best will even get their own statue near their Arena itself!

Free Members: you too can access the Astrub Arena!

May the best player win!
Please feel free to review the associated Dev Blog for full details of the Mobile Arenas.

New Pet: The Quaquack

Is your Tofu or Bow-Meow losing their novelty? Or maybe they’re not quite getting along with your sofa coushions… at any rate, the Quaquack is the newest pet to be released in WAKFU!, and

Only obtainable at the Trool Fair, this duckling contributes Health Point and Prospecting bonuses to your fighting prowess! Much better than a crappy carnival gold fish, wouldn’t you say?

Updater Interface

Our update tool is getting a makeover! Allowing the team to delay important game information – including video – in a clear and accessible way, this will allow you to become a more informed gamer.

Of course, it’ll also still be the hub of both launching and patching the game.

See you next week for the last part of the patch notes, and the launch of the new update!