Dev Blog: Mobile Arenas

Everyone likes a challenge!

As formally announced in our recently published 2012 Development Roadmap, we’ve been hard at work revamping former Arcade Dungeons,” and what resulted was more than a simple upgrade. As these changes will arrive in our up-coming Content Update, we thought to share with you some of the high points to look forward to.

Hello Community! I am Lead Game Designer Azael and today we will talk about the up-coming Mobile Arenas that we briefly mentioned in the recent 2012 Development Roadmap.

From Shustuff Crust to Mobile Arenas

Higher level adventurers of the World of Twelve may have already experienced the “Shustuff Crust” arcade dungeon. In this dungeon there was but one goal; survive! Players faced waves of powerful creatures that evolved and grew stronger as each wave was defeated.

The dev team was intent on improving these dungeons, to make them more accessible and entertaining. However, the additions and changes we intended to create would only lead to “simple” improvements on an otherwise exciting adventure. Instead, we have decided to go into a different direction, thusly we have named the new content that we will be adding to WAKFU, “Mobile Arenas”.

These dungeons will take the form of Mobile Arenas from the  Trool Fair, which settled in Astrub, as well as  different parts of each nation.


The Trool Fair features a unique Arcade dungeon: The Gladiatrool!

How to Access these Mobile Arenas

Our goal was to create a new gaming experience with much more arcade-oriented action and a place that was accessible to all.

We made sure that the Arena will be visible from your map via a dedicated pin. To enter you will have to spend special bronze tokens earned through challenges or at the Trool Fair.

We can see here the Arena dedicated map next to the character on the map.

Each Mobile Arena will feature different groups of creatures that you may already have encountered before. Moreover, you will be able to encounter creatures that are teamed up in different arrangements to help increase the challenge and satisfaction.

Ex: Cania Plains Mobile Arena will feature the Blibli, Scaras, Plants and Snappers!

New Game Rules

Your goal is simple: get the best score!

Each creature you defeat earns you a number of points depending on its level.

You will have to face waves of creatures, which are ever increasing in power, will also give you more and more points.

The game takes place in “Rounds”. Each round consists of five waves of creatures; the fifth wave is a boss!

Once the boss appears, you will then have only 5 rounds left to kill all monsters in the Arena. Otherwise the game is lost!

When all the creatures are killed, a new round begins and the level of creatures increases by a given number of levels (usually 5).

Bonuses/Penalties, Events and Challenges

During a round, a Bonus/Penalty will occur along with one event. The status effect, either a bonus or penalty, will direct effect the players but the effect will only last one turn.

Ex: The bonus “Stocked” will allow you to regain Health Points if you walk on a determined cell.

Events, on the other hand, will be there to bring you extra points but will only be available for a single turn.

Ex: The Golden Tofu appears only during a turn and brings in a lot of points if he is killed … But it’s pretty good at dodging!

A list of challenges will be made available and visible from the beginning of the fight.

Each challenge can be done once per round and gives a big bonus to the score!

Ex: “Genocide,” Kill 10 enemies in one turn.


Once your fight in the Arena has completed, a score and a rank will be assigned to you. The Rank (A, B, C or D) of course will depend on your score but also on the number of challenges that you have succeeded in!

The score is the same for the whole group, but the rank will depend on your level.

And yes, Level 100 players will have to get a score well above the score of a level 1 player in order to get a good rank!

The higher your score, the more rewards you get. These rewards will be adapted to your characters’ level.

You will be able to receive up to 16 rewards including experience points, surprise pouches of different rarities and items that can be Smithmaged.

Level 30 players and level 50 players will, therefore, be able to play together while earning rewards appropriate to their own character.

Want to know in advance what you can win in these Mobile Arenas? A billboard will be available at the entrance of each of them with the list of available rewards (for your level).


Each Mobile Arena will have a leader board where only the top 3 teams will appear. Furthermore, the best characters of the best group will appear next to this panel.

The team and I hope that you all will enjoy this new content! Let the games begin!

*Pictures are to show the community a preview and are still to be localized.