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Boutique: New Items + Sufokia Pack Sale (06/27)

27 Jun 2012

New items have been added to the WAKFU Boutique! Come and discover the latest additions to stay on the cutting-edge of fashion.

Plus, take advantage of a new promotion for this weekend only! Enjoy a 30% discount on the new Sufokia Pack from 6/27 – 7/01!

Whether you’re a new citizen willing to integrate or simply just national patriot, it’s never too late to get all the Sufokia necessities!

Save 30% on all Sufokia items with the “Sufokia Pack” special promotion, from June 27th to July 1st!

1340 938

This pack includes:

Coral Boots

Coral Cloak

  Coral Hat

  Fisherman Table

  Sufokia Painting


Now Available: New Appearance Items!


Seduce all them Frog Princes with this Froggy Set!

This set is designed for female characters, but can be worn by anyone. Non-tradable.

Includes the following (also sold separately):
Cancan Chapeau
– Ooh La Bustier
Avant-Garde Tailcoat
Frog’s Legs