FINAL FANTASY XI: Seekers of Adoulin

23 Jun 2012

FINAL FANTASY XI: Seekers of Adoulin


Just announced at VanaFest 2012 is the 5th expansion pack for FINAL FANTASY XI, Seekers of Adoulin. Not much is known about this expansion at the moment, however the trailer shown at the event had a brand new map illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano as well as the mention of new jobs!

Seekers of Adoulin is set to launch in 2013.

We’ll be updating this post with new information!

(information listed below may not be 100% due to trying to keep up with the stream)

Seekers of Adoulin official website with Trailer

The PlayStation 2 is not listed on the website for NA or EU territories. This may be an indication that the expansion will only be available for PS2 users via download.

New job: Geomancer


Utilizes “Geomancy” to support party members as well as using elemental magic to attack foes.

Experience the true power of “Geomancy” by utilizing job specific bells



  • regen
  • refresh
  • regain
  • status boosts
  • enhanced attack and defense

Enfeebles (not affected by resists)

  • paralyze
  • slow
  • magic defense down
  • evasion down


You’ll receive bonuses depending on where you’re standing relative to the monster you’re fighting.

  • East- Enhanced Magic crit hit rate
  • West- shorten recast time
  • North- magic attack bonus
  • South- magic accuracy bonus

A field will appear around the Geomancer and will apply to party members when they’re within range of the Geomancer.

Luopan are dropped by the Geomancer. This field will stay in the same location regardless of where the Geomancer moves. The Loupons also have HP and can be destroyed so you need to place them in spots where they won’t be destoryed.

New system- Reclaim the Land


  • overcome danger
  • destroy massive rocks and trees
  • gather materials
    • new materials, new fish
    • new synthesis recipes
  • build outposts
    • once an outpost is established you can flag quests and purchase items exclusive to that outpost. You’ll also be able to teleport there and influence the area.


  • discover strange caves
  • discover monster lairs
  • discover statue segments
  • discover places to receive mysterious power

New Adoulin Guilds

  • Information Guild
  • Exploration Guild
  • Security Guild
  • Amusement Guild
  • Transportation Guild
  • Workshop Guild

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