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Final Fantasy XI Not Coming To PSVita After All

23 Jun 2012

Final Fantasy XI Not Coming To PSVita After All

About a year ago, Final Fantasy XI’s Producer, Hiromichi Tanaka told Famitsu that he was interested in exploring the possibility of putting FFXI on the PlayStation Vita. Since then we’ve seen a leaked list of titles for the platform which included “Final Fantasy XI: Vita Edition”.

Since then,  the FFXI Dev Team has been pretty quiet with only a few interviews and no news of a port to Sony’s new handheld. This weekend at VanaFest,’s Elmer had a chance to ask about the project. He let me know what they said earlier today via Twitter:

No Vita. It was more like “hey here comes this thing, maybe we can we put FFXI on it?” but they decided against it

So there you have it. Square Enix’s first MMO will not be making the portable jump onto Sony’s device.