“Seekers of Adoulin” Takes Us To The Far West!

Square Enix has filed for the name “Seekers of Adoulin”. You can bet we’ll hear and see more about this during this weekend’s VanaFest!

For all you lore buffs out there, that name may ring a bell. The NPC Achtelle hailed from Adoulin before arriving during the Crystal War. It’s said to have libraries that rival those of Windurst. The continent is also the place of origin for the exorcists Gertrude, Brian, and Roger who were the exorcists of the Dark Lillies as well as Vhino Delkahngo.

It’s said that Adoulin is a part of the Ulbuka continent that’s located to the west of Quon.

There you have it- Far west is coming to Final Fantasy XI!