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New Zones Suggest Major Content Reveal For VanaFest 2012

17 Jun 2012

New Zones Suggest Expansion Reveal For VanaFest 2012

A few months ago, an update for the Final Fantasy XI Test Server went live which included a new folder for data to be stored. Typically a new folder is added to this directory to accommodate files for a new expansion or add-on. More recently, that folder has been populated by several files. Those files are new zones.

In the images provided by Clarence of Wild Dragon Chase, we can see two brand new cities, a maze type area (dungeon crawling?), two new jungle zones and a few others. For a game that hasn’t seen a large influx of brand new areas in years, these finders are sure to please any FFXI fan. Chances are good that we’ll see and hear more about these news zones and what they’re attached to at VanaFest 2012.

What are your thoughts? Add-on? Downloadable expansion? Post in the forums and let us know what you think!