Lalafell Naming Conventions

Lalafell Naming Conventions

If anyone out there ever wondered what the formula was for naming a Lalafell, wonder no more! Fernehalwes has made an appearance on the official forums to literally give us the formula that’s used when a new Lalafell gets its name. There’s even some information about which groups use first or full names. In case Lalafells aren’t your thing, details regarding naming conventions for all five races will be released as we get closer to FFXIV 2.0.

It’s amazing how much details goes into this game isn’t it?

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As 2.0 approaches, we’ll be officially releasing detailed information on naming conventions used by the five races. To tide you over until then, however, I can give you a quick rundown of the current rules Lalafells (Plainsfolk/Dunesfolk) adhere to. (Remember, there are always exceptions to the rules!)

Plainsfolk Male

Phoneme pattern is AB – CB
The A and C phonemes do not have to rhyme.

– Zorido Manarido

Fun Fact: Plainsfolk males will usually always use their full names, rarely ever breaking them down into first or last only.

Plainsfolk Female

Phoneme pattern is ABB – AB.

– Mimomo Mimo

Dunesfolk Male

Phoneme pattern is AAB – CCB
The A and C phonemes are 1 syllable, the B phoneme 2.
The A and C phonemes may rhyme, but do not have to.

– Jajariku Nanariku (rhyming)
– Nunulupa Tatalupa (non-rhyming)

Fun Fact: Unlike their Plainsfolk cousins, the Dunesfolk males often only use their first names.

Dunesfolk Female

Phoneme pattern is AAB – AB.
The A and B phonemes are 1 syllable.

– Jajano Jano

Fun Fact: While both Plainsfolk and Dunesfolk females will usually only go by their first names, when in the service of a Grand Company, they will often use their full names (for example: Flame Private Nonoku Noku).


Members of the Ul’dah and Sil’dih royal families also bear the names of their respective sultanates.

– Nanamo Ul Namo
– Lalawefu Sil Tatawefu