Boutique: New Items Have Arrived! (6/14)

Shelves, vitrines and counters are filling up: the WAKFU Boutique brims with novelties! Come and discover all the latest items, to stay on the cutting-edge of fashion!

– This weekend only (14th -18th), enjoy a 25% discount on all items to celebrate Fathers Day !


  • This weekend only, grab an additional 25% of all items and celebrate Fathers Day in a big way!





Includes the following pieces (also sold separately):

Dress to impress with this set that will give you all the style and authority only the best of the World of Twelve deserve!

(Intended for female characters but can be worn by both genders)
Empress Coronet
– Empress Epaulettes
Empress Bustier
Empress Cape



One for all, and all for… What in the World is that Iop doing?!

(Intended for male characters but can be worn by both genders)





Haven Bag

With this kit, you can have a 100% Tofu-themed Haven Bag! Now all the chicks who come to visit will feel at home the moment they step in!



  Haven Bag Decorations                      Appearance Insignias