PlayOnline Viewer Update (Jun. 13)

A PlayOnline Viewer version update was performed at the following time (PlayStation 2 version only).

* This update will be accompanied by a version update for the PlayStation 2 client program. (Windows and Xbox360 clients will not be updated.) After the date and time listed below, the update will be applied automatically upon logging into PlayOnline, so please follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.
[Date & Time]
Jun. 13, 2012 at 16:25 (PDT)

[Affected Service]
– PlayOnline Viewer (PlayStation 2 version only)

[Update Details]

– Additional hard disk space will be required to play FINAL FANTASY XI.

* Available hard disk space required to peform the FINAL FANTASY XI version update has increased from 10 GB (8GB depending on user settings) to 19GB.

If enough space is available in the “PlayStation BB Unit” for the expansion, the unit can continue to be used. If there is insufficient space, an error message will be displayed during the FINAL FANTASY version update indicating that the “PlayStation BB Unit” lacks sufficient space. If this is the case, please free up space using the “PlayStation BB Navigator.”

* Only internal processing changes have been made, and the version update process remains the same.