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My Xbox Live App Now Available On Android

13 Jun 2012

My Xbox Live App Now Available On Android

Released today, the My Xbox Live app for Android will allow existing members of Xbox Live to use various features of the service from their mobile device.

Want to know if you’re friends are currently going at it in a game of Halo multiplayer? You can easily check your friendlist to see who’s online and what they’re doing. While you’re there, you can even send them a message or compare achievements. If that’s not enough for you, you also have the option to customize your avatar from the app and I have to say, it’s pretty slick seeing your avatar animating on a phone like that.

For all of you hipsters out there with an iOS device, you received an update to the app today which allows you to control media services such as Netflix by providing some simple pause, play etc buttons. Now that both Microsoft and Nintendo have either released or announced plans for mobile apps, you can’t help but wonder if Sony will follow suit… in North America anyway. They already have an app for Europe.