Content Update 1.3: June's Bye-Bye Buggies

11 Jun 2012


In Content Update 1.3, the bug cleanup will be unleashed upon the world along with the new spell experience system! Speciallize your character’s spells the way you see fit and benefit from the new spell experience scrolls and dungeon tokens, the choice is yours.
Discover these and other anticipated changes in WAKFU Content Update 1.3: June’s Bye-Bye Buggies



Please find below all the changes that will be implemented with “Content Update 1.3: June’s Bye-Bye Buggies“.



  • New spell experience system implemented. This new system offers you the chance to reallocate your spell experience points. The “restat” will take place on the 12th June (at the same time as the update). This means that, on this date, we’ll be giving you back all of your spell experience points, according to your current level and the new system. For more details, check out this devblog post.


Mount Zinit

  • The Sram from Ogrest’s Cult on Mount Zinit has had his characteristics raised and rebalanced.
  • The Eniripsa from Ogrest’s Cult on Mount Zinit is now more aggressive in combat.

Wagnar’s Castle dungeon

  • The resistance removed by Vampyro’s Vamping can be accumulated and will now lasts throughout the whole fight. This was believed to be a bug but it is, in fact, correct. We will be adding information that should make the effects of the spell clearer for the player.
  • Improvement of battlefield borders in fights with Vampyro and Ghouls:
  • Ghoulification Border: If the player starts his turn on the border of the battlefield, he will be put in the Ghoulified state. Response, timings and rules linked to Ghoulification (when two people walk on the same border, for example, or when the creature in the Ghoulified state dies) will all be fine-tuned.
  • Vampyro Border: Unlike before, if the player starts his turn on the border of the battlefield, there is a 33% chance of death. It will no longer be possible to start the combat via a Ghoul in order to avoid the death border. 

Monk Island

  • The Nun will be optimized: her AI was overloaded and she didn’t summon enough. When she did, the fight was almost impossible. Now, she will systematically summon but in a more balanced manner, leading to a fight with more gameplay. We will also:
    • Increase the range of her Spectral Touch spell,
    • Reduce her damage,
    • Improve the feedback of Supreme Power and Concentration,
    • Improve the phases management (concentrated / non-concentrated),
    • Improve her targeting and use of spells (Use delay / use per target).


  • The Merriment state of the archmonster Boarnigen the Damasker will be clearer: the duration of the state and the fact that Boarnigen suffers from Worn-Out afterwards will be explained.


Read below for the bugs that we will say goodbye to in this Content Update!



  • Voodool
    • totems will appear correctly during fights.
    • The bug allowing to place a totem on a cell blocking the way but not the sight will be fixed.
  • Dolls
    • The overall AI will be improved.
  • Tree
    • The tree will no longer receive indirect damage due to rebound spells (for example the Piercing Arrow or Invigorating Word).
  • Vaporize and Dolls
    • When a doll is activated with the spell Vaporize, the created Greedy will directly be under the “Controlled” state.
  • Sudden Chill
    • When using the spell Sudden Chill on a doll, this one will no longer end her turn after casting a spell, and will play normally.


  • Earth Beacon
    • The Earth Beacon will once again trigger when hit with a piercing arrow, on a critical hit.
  • Piercing Arrow
    • Piercing Arrow will rebound between enemies as intended, in a line or not.


  • Boombot
    • The actual HP of the Boombot will equal the amount shown in its spell description (20 at level 0 instead of 40).
    • Usage condition of the Boombot will be clearer.
  • Runaway
    • Will no longer be able to move with Runaway when KO’d.
  • Pyrotechnics
    • The bug allowing targeting and spending APs while casting Pyrotechnics without the spell having any effect will be fixed.
  • Magnetic Claw
    • A rogue carrying a bomb will now play an animation when receiving damage.


  • Transcendence
    • When Transcendent, the Eniripsa can no longer lock or be locked.
  • Hygiene
    • When reaching 100 Hygiene, the next Hygiene gain will no longer bring the Eniripsa back to zero. He will keep his 100.

Eniripsa and Sacrier

  • Clinging to Life and Eniraser
    • The Sacrier can no longer survive an additional turn after his Clinging to Life if the Eniripsa resurrects him.

Eniripsa and Xelor

  • Absorption and Temporal Burn
    • When an Eniripsa with Absorption receives a Temporal Burn from a Xelor, Absorption will only apply once instead of twice.


  • Multi-Arm
    • The players in the same fight as a Sacrier will now see his arms linked to the Multi-Arm state.


  • Summons
    • The Spear Shark summoned by the Osamodas won’t summon Sharkies.
    • It will no longer be possible to infinitely reflect damage between a summon under the state Prespic Hair and a monster with Spell Rebound.
  • Symbiosis
    • The Osamodas’ Knockout animation in Symbiosa will play correctly.
  • Whip
    • Hitting with a normal strike with Whip and then a critical hit in the same turn will no longer allow having double bonus.


  • Invisibility
    • When an invisible Sram leaves a fight, the arrow showing his position will no longer stay visible.
    • Players will now be able to move correctly after walking on the position of an invisible Sram and succeeding a dodge test.
  • Double
    • The Double will no longer receive infinitely the bonuses his caster had when it was summoned. He will now only get the basic statistics of his caster (equipment+abilities).
  • Shadow Trap
    • Shadow Trap will no longer be visible for opponents: only the caster of the spell will see the position of the Trap.
  • Diversion
    • When succeeding, the targets of Diversion will now have an animation.
  • Hemorrhage
    • Hemorrhage taking effect on the Sram when invisible will no longer allow monsters to know his position.
  • Master Stabber
    • The Stabber state will be applied when the target is killed with this spell.
  • Torment
    • The effect of the Torment spell will matche its description. The HP taken into account will be those of the opponent and not of the Sram.
  • Bloody Ripoff
    • The maximum damage of the critical hit with Bloody Ripoff will be correct (58).
  • Cold Blood
    • The maximum damage of the critical hit with Cold Blood will be correct (58).

Xelor and Pandawa

  • Sinistro and Karchamrak
    • The Sinistro will beconsidered as “cannot be carried”.


  • Glyphs
    • Getting out of the influence zone of a glyph and coming back, will no longer allows getting the bonus again.
    • A character in the influence zone of a glyph when it is cast, will no longer receives the bonus twice.
    • Descriptions of the water Glyphs will show a bonus per charges lefts of 3% whereas it is 1%.
    • Fire glyphs will now take into account the character stats, and bonuses linked to Charges.
  • Peace Armor
    • A Feca in Peace Armor placed on the Vampyro platform will no longer disappears.
  • Feca Staff
    • The glyph of Feca Staff will have the intended critical hit.


  • Ecaflip Precision
    • Will no longer apply on direct damage. This will avoid bugs such as: when Precision triggers on Fleabag, the opponent doesn’t lose any HP and nobody wins any.

Ecaflip and Xelor

  • All In and Temporal Burn
    • When failing a critical hit, Fumble on All In or Temporal Burn will still consume the initial casting cost of the spell.


  • Pouch
    • It happened that the Pouch wouldn’t give any item. This will be fixed.
    • It will now be possible to loot a Pouch with the Drheller when this one is in the area of effect of a Cra Beacon or a Xelor Dial.
    • The Pouch will no longer allows to gain some quest items twice.
  • Drhellzerker
    • While in Drhellzerker, the Enutrof will convert the AP bonus of the Xelor’s Sandglass into MP bonus.
  • Geology
    • Bonuses will now be applied to an Enutrof teleported on a Mine (with Assault for example).


  • Mummification
    • When several allies are KO, the Mummification state will no longer reveals all of the KO allies, but only the one targeted with the spell.
  • Temporal Images
    • Now, when a Xelor uses his Temporal Images spell when affected by the Ecaflip state Flea Love, the real Xelor and all his doubles will receive the same visual effect. Other similar issues with guild insignias and other visual effects will also be fixed.


  • Iop Wrath
    • The damage of critical hit with Iop Wrath will be correct (x2 instead of x1,5).


  • Multi arm
    • Characters in a fight with a Sacrier will now see his arms linked to the Multi Arm state.


Boss and World boss

  • Boss and World boss will now be correctly immune to the state Ethereal of the Pandawa.
  • Now, after casting his spell “You’re Not Much of An Adventurer”, Black Crow will correctly teleports to contact of a random enemy instead of going back down to his former position.

Lunar Altar dungeon

  • Boowolfines Moon and Hairy Moon will no longer lock.
  • Boowolfines Moon will now be stabilized and will not suffer transpositions / attractions / push.
  • It wasn’t possible to destroy the Moon at the biggining of a fight since it couldn’t be targeted. This prevented from completing the step “kill the boss first”. Therefore, this step will no longer exists and will be replaced with “kill the boss last”.

Kab-Cave dungeon

  • The spell Aspiration of the Gobby Bulga will always send its target back to its starting cell.
  • The Gobby Bulga will now use his spell Gobbit as intended to regenerate.

Wagnar’s Castle dungeon

  • The spell Borbrawl of the Borbat will now remove 2 MP as it was intended.
  • Vampyro will now regain his AP/MP with the spell Vamping It.
  • Vampyro will no longer cast his spell Vampyrokylose on a character already stabilized.
  • With Burner, Vampyro will no longer removes WP from his Ghouls.
  • Vampyro will not cast Vampyrokylose on his summons anymore.

Monk Island

  • Accelerat’s Teleportation spell will now have a visual effect.


  • The Curse State inflicted by Polters will no longer be applied over and over again on his victims.


  • Kokokos will no longer hit each other in fights.


  • When the Bernardo is jumping, he will no longer take damage if another monster is pushed against him.


  • Tofurby will no longer go under cells of some specific combat ground when casting his Roly-Poly spell.
  • In the group interface out of combat, the Royal Tofu will have his own boss icon.


  • Striches will now leave a body after death.


  • Cracklers will now display their rolling animation correctly.


  • The Crobaks Feather Tornado spell will now have a description and a visual effect.


  • Kraloves and Kralamores will now move in a regular manner.
  • The Kralien will no longer steers clear of its Kraladrop Glyph.
  • Kraloves will no longer hit each other in combat.


  • Bernardo dia Reya will no longer moves once he has landed and at the end of his turn the jumping and falling animations will no longer be displayed.
  • Some monsters, such as Don Puffnando, used to appear and disappear repeatedly when they gained 1 MP, even at the end of their turn. This bug will be corrected.




  • The HP bar will no longer overlays characters in flight (Eniripsa and Xelor for example).
  • Before, two players could occupy the same cell during the placement phase of a battle. This bug will be corrected.

Mount Zinit

  • All players will now be able to see the Queen Schnek during the combat start animation.

Wagnar’s Caslte dungeon

  • Players on the Vampyro’s Platform will be immune to heals.



  • Pappy Pal will no longer removes extra kamas. In order to avoid multiple exchanges, Pappy Pal will now immediately removes all of the player’s kamas as well as any materials used. Also, Pappy Pal’s exchanges with a player who is in a group will now be delivered when the player is in front of the Zaap and not when he uses the Zaap.

Mount Zinit

  • Mount Zinit quest items such as Piece of Moze’s Pendant or Piece of Dowsing Rod will now be correctly stored in the quest inventory. This will avoid their accidental deletion.
  • Some players couldn’t see Will-o-the-Wisp fly away and therefore couldn’t access the following part of chapter 1. This will be fixed.


  • From now on, Jonk will correctly indicate that the quest Come Grain or Shine requires 25 iron ore (and not 100).




  • It will no longer be possible to perform a trade while another action is underway (breaking runes, placing items in a guild chest, etc.).
  • You will be able to place non tradable items in a haven bag chest.
  • The quantity popup will no longer appear when trying to trade a non-tradable item, or when deleting an item that cannot be deleted.
  • Accepting a trade will no longer closes the temporary inventory.


  • Constellation Key will display correctly during fights.
  • Hammer type weapons won’t shake during fights.
  • Some weapons changed size during fights. The issue will be fixed.
  • The Crobak Monocle will display correctly on characters.
  • The Domacion Shovel will have an icon.


  • If a player equipped the complete Green Googoo Set and used Earth spells in combat, the spell experience window wouldn’t show the progression. This will be fixed.
  • Merged sets will now all have descriptions.
  • Capes that were cut in fights will now display correctly.


  • The “Add a compass” button wasn’t available on some dungeon keys (Bow Meow and Vampyro, for example). The button will now be available for all keys apart from the hidden dungeons and the ones available on each Nation (Tofu, Piwi, etc.).
  • The text for the class books will now display within the text area.
  • Heads or Tails” and “Feel Ill” emotes will now have a description.
  • Dodge scrolls will now have a description.
  • Character hairs will display correctly when using the “Harp” emote.


  • The profession book of the Jeweler will now display all the recipes correctly.
  • It will be possible to plant Ghouls seeds in Forfut in order to renew the ecosystem.


  • The chest opening sound will only play once and no longer twice.


  • Opening and closing a private chat window will no longer prevent you from receive private messages.
  • It will now be possible to delete custom notes on the world map.