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About the HDD Space Required for the PlayStation 2 Version

11 Jun 2012

We would like to alert users of the PlayStation 2 version that the minimum hard disc space required will be increased from the current 10GB (or 8GB depending other factors) to 19GB in the Jun. 14, 2012 version update.

Customers who already have the appropriate space on their PlayStation 2 HDD will be able to update their game without issue. However, customers without the appropriate space will receive an error stating that there is not enough free space and the version update will not proceed. In this case, please secure the necessary space and try again.

Although the error message will tell you how much space you need, we would advise you to secure the appropriate space beforehand to make the version update process as smooth as possible.

For questions regarding the “PlayStation HDD” please visit the Sony Computer Entertainment knowledge base at

Thank you for your continued support of FINAL FANTASY XI.