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Preview: Telltale's The Walking Dead Episode 2

9 Jun 2012

Preview: The Walking Dead Episode 2If you’re a fan of zombies, chances are that you’ve seen AMC’s The Walking Dead. And if you’ve seen that, the chances are also pretty good that you’ve at least heard of Telltale’s The Walking Dead game. In typical Telltale fashion, the story is divided up into five episodes. Episode one and the season pass have already been released and episode two is set to (hopefully) be out by the end of the month.

We caught up with Telltale games at E3 and got to see some gameplay from episode 2 “Starved for Help”.

One of the best features of The Walking Dead games are the choices that players can make. (Spoiler!) In episode one you had to choose between saving Doug the IT guy, or Carley the reporter. In the play through we were shown, Doug was the one they selected to live. It turns out that the character of Doug is actually based on a real IT guy over at Telltale, so they felt a little guilty about having him be the one that got to be the zombie snack of choice. When those choices are made, they’re uploaded online and you’ll be able to see how many players let so and so live, how many people took this persons side in an argument and so on. The choice tracking is always very interesting to see at the end of an episodes completion. Even better is the ability to save three games at a time. If you want to know what happens if you let Doug die, you can start up a new game, and follow that route through to the end of the 5 episode game. Of course there are numerous other changes that can happen based on your decisions.

Episode two takes place three months after the end of the first episode, where we last saw the characters taking up shelter at the Motor Inn as the power went out. In those three months, food has started to become quite scarce and is starting to become a problem for the group. You start off hunting in the woods when you hear a scream. You run to where the sound came from and you see a school teacher caught in a bear trap, with two of his students trying to get him out. As you decide you’ll try to help him out of the trap, walkers appear in the area. The trap is custom made and doesn’t have a release on it so it starts to take quite a bit of time to try and free him. Lee (the main character) started to cut off his leg in order to get him out of the trap before the walkers swarmed them.

Once you return to camp, there’s some arguing going on since now you have more mouths to feed with the food that you don’t have. Lee gets put in charge of rations as a result of the event. Now as the player you have to decide who gets to eat? You only have four pieces of food, which means only four players can eat. Do you play favorites and give the rations out to the characters you’ve befriended? Do you think realistically and give the food to the people that appear to need it? No matter which way you choose, people will notice who you gave the food too and later on they’ll come back confront you about it.

There was a bit of excitement towards the end of the demo which resulted in… well we don’t want to spoil everything do we? If you’ve read the books or seen the show you’ll already know, but it’s always a big deal when its discovered.

Telltale is hoping to get Episode two out by the end of the month. It’s definitely a must by for any gamers out there who loves a little zombie in their story telling.