WAKFU: June’s Bye-Bye Buggies

Per your feedback, we’ve decided to focus the up-coming Content Update around the correction of bugs that hinder you from having the best experience possible. And best of all, the patch will arrive on June 12th! Behold: our plan of attack!


Much excitement has been raised around all of the new and wonderous features that have been added to WAKFU since launch, but alas, there’s been a recurring piece of feedback: bugs. And so, we’ve listened.

Based on the wishes of our community, the upcoming June Content Update will not focus on bringing in brand new features but instead, will do a bit of cleanup as we’re looking to optimize and enhance your gameplay experience… squashing those annoying bugs that have slowly crept their way into the World of Twelve.



After compiling a list of bugs that have been most often reported to the staff, via the forums and ticket system, we then submitted the list to our squad of testers at Ankama. In parallel, the Community teams of all languages also put together a list to compare and contrast the most critical issues facing players.

And when the master list was made, the Development team began hammering away at these little buggers since!


The aim of the initiative is quite simple: to provide a dependable experience for our players and to make a solid foundation wherein new features and content can be implemented without being hindered.

Striving to be as transparent as possible, we’ll unveil the bugs that have thus far been corrected by the team — all of which you can expect not to encounter again (as of June’s update, of course)! And as the Development team continues to squash these errors, we’ll continue to update this list regularly with our progress. Because of this effort, we will be paying extra attention to any feedback or comments that you may have.

Why don’t we patch the game as soon as a particular bug is addressed, you ask? The reasoning behind our madness is due to a specific reason: while indeed, these issues do impact gameplay, we prefer to implement all of these corrections at once in order to maintain version control; otherwise several smaller patches could negatively impact both client stability, production pace, and overall feedback. All-in-all, it’s best to start clean in one go.



Before we give you the current list of fixed bugs, we want to remind the community of a few points:

  • This isn’t the final list, it will be updated regularly to match the Development team’s progress.
  • This list only contains the bugs that we are confirming to be fixed and you may not find yet some of the bugs you have already reported, as these may require more time to be resolved prior to the next Content Update on the 12th of June (the list will continue to grow as mentioned above).
  • Any further information regarding the current work of the Development team will be shared as soon as available.

So are you ready to find out what bugs to wave goodbye to?

Read below and enjoy their last moments of existence!


  • Capes that were cut in fights will display correctly.
  • Tofurby will no longer go under cells of some specific combat ground when casting his Roly-Poly spell.
  • Chest opening sound will only play once and no longer twice.
  • Striches will leave a corpse after death.
  • Heads or Tails” and “Feel Ill” emotes will have a description.
  • Bernardo will no longer receive damages when jumping if another monster is pushed against him.
  • Cracklers will display their rolling animation correctly.
  • The bug allowing the Sadida to place a totem on a cell blocking the way but not the line of sight will be fixed.
  • Rogues will no longer be able to move with Runaway when KO’d.
  • The bug allowing targeting and spending Action Points while casting Pyrotechnics without the spell having any effect will be fixed.
  • It will no longer be possible to perform a trade while another action is underway (breaking runes, placing items in a guild chest, etc.).
  • A Rogue carrying a bomb will play the animations correctly when hit.
  • Dodge Scrolls will have a description.
  • You will be able to place non tradable items in a chest.


Issues with Sadida totems not being placed correctly is known and being fixed as we speak. It is currently being tested to make sure that this bug will not reappear after the update.