Dev Blog: The Story of Gobbsage

Gobbsage, discover his story and welcome this new World Boss that you will be able to face starting tomorrow in each Wild estates of the  four Nations!

In the animal kingdom, it’s always easy to spot the leader of the pack and even who’s next in line. It’s kind of like a predefined destiny that can’t be messed with. The alpha males are magnificent, strong, brave creatures with a certain sense of malice about them. Well, here’s the story of one who went against the grain…

Gobbsage was a greedy little Gobbly, more like a Tofurby compared to the vicious Boowolves the other Gobblies idolized. His close friends and family used to tease him, calling him ‘The Gobbit,’ and his short and stumpy physique and chompy appetite didn’t exactly help.

You see, an impressive bod is kind of a must-have for wild Gobballs – that’s the main difference between them and the Gobballs who let themselves be tamed by Fecas. Our little Gobbly – who’d have happened to make a brilliant pouf – had what you could call a difficult childhood. Teasing and bullying was a daily ordeal for poor Gobbsage. Then, one day, captivated by the refreshing scent of the great outdoors, Gobbsage crossed paths with a strange Sadida disciple. A friendship blossomed and, for perhaps the first time in his life, the chubby Gobbly felt loved.

Gobbsage flourished as the hands of the Xelor’s Clock made their merry way around their dial. Leaving his Gobbly days behind him, Gobbsage grew into a Gobball. Unfortunately, his insatiable appetite had also grown with time… One day, struck with immense hunger, Gobbsage rummaged through his cherished companion’s things, delving between crusty socks and suspiciously colored loincloths.

Famished and riddled with curiosity, Gobbsage took a sneaky nibble at an enchanted bramble cutting. Before the sweet-natured Sadida had time to react, a puff of midnight blue smoke appeared, ravaging his hairy playmate. The smoke cleared and a metamorphosed Gobbsage was all that remained.
The eyes that had once shone with affection now had a new glint. Froth and foam fermented at his lips as if he’d come fresh out of the Shustuft Crust. Without any warning, Gobbsage jabbed his horns into the abdomen of his one and only friend. He engulfed the Sadida’s soul and stuck his skull on one of his horns, like a macabre trophy.

Gobbsage had generated an irrepressible desire to return to his herd. After the famine of his youth, he was overwhelmed by a thirst for blood and vengeance.

He decimated a good number of old comrades, leaving just their heads intact (to prop up next to the Sadida’s, of course!). Their souls were devoured, each one considerably increasing Gobbsage’s body and brawn.
Little by little, Gobbsage managed to appease his spirit. The voices of his victims haunted him and led him to righteousness. From that moment, Gobbsage benefited from the wisdom of his elders, an impressive charisma, and a deep, dark feeling of remorse for the crimes he had committed.

As a result, Gobbsage decided to dedicate his life to the protection of his clan. Withdrawing to the pastures he knew so well, the young Gobbit became Lord Gobbsage. His reputation attracted hordes of adventurers. They came from all over, believing they could defeat him, yearning to conquer the land, and hunting glory for their Nation. Obviously, Gobbsage just turned them into Bow Meow tripe.

But Gobbsage has had enough. Too many of these shameless humans have trampled on his flowerbeds; too many of his Gobballs have been destroyed for reasons that cannot be fathomed. It all has to stop. Today is a new day; the great Gobbsage has resolved to crush even the weakest invaders who dare place so much as a toe on his noble, green pastures.

Gobbsage is the new World Boss that has been implemented today.
Do not forget that World Bosses appears every 24 to 72 hours in WAKFU!
Therefore you will then have the chance to come across one of the four incarnations of Gobbsage in each Wild Estate of the 4 Nations starting tomorrow!