The “JP Button” Is Real- Costs 500 Yen At VanaFest 2012

The "JP Button" Is Real- Costs 500 Yen

More VanaFest 2012 news comes in today with the reveal of a 500 yen capsule machine with special metal tags showing off artwork that has been used for Final Fantasy XI.  The tags alone would be appealing for any collector, however, Square Enix has sweetened the deal by including a game code with each tag which could be one of… many really, really awesome things.

Black Belt items, Various HQ Voidwatch drops, Chocobo Beret, Nomad Moogle Wand and Mog Bonanza Coupons (Empyrean, Mythic, and Relic Weapons, Empyrean Armor and Empyrean Seals).

These tags will only be available at VanaFest 2012. So for the rest of the world, keep your fingers crossed and hope that there’s a way for other territories to obtain these and hope its a little easier than having to win an art contest.

*Information acquired via internet translation. Some details may not be 100% correct