New FFXIV E3 Trailer Is Completed- Not Being Shown At E3

New FFXIV E3 Trailer Is Completed- Not Being Shown At E3

The day Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 was announced, people looked at the roadmap released and marked their calenders for this year’s E3. Not just current players, but former players, and those who heard about the poor launch of Final Fantasy XIV. Everyone was waiting to see what lengths Square Enix would go to in order to try and save their flagship MMO. This trailer, scheduled to be shown next week, would be our first real look at the next chapter of FFXIV. We’ve had bits and pieces of 2.0 in the form of dev tracker posts and concept art, but the trailer is more than ideas and concepts. It’s the finalized vision of what everyone has been anticipating.

Today’s Producer’s letter brought us good news: the trailer is completed! Oh… but they’re not showing it at E3.

Naoki Yoshida had this to say:

The devs, Visual Works, Sound, PR—everyone did their part and the trailer itself was completed and ready for release at E3. But during our most recent global PR planning meeting, we came to the conclusion that the most effective way to introduce version 2.0 to the world would be with a flood of new material rather than just a trickle.

In the same letter, Naoki Yoshida stated that E3 will be the public reveal for 2.0.

So let’s get this straight- They don’t want to trickle out information, they’re holding back the trailer so they can release a flood of information when introducing 2.0 to the world. E3 is the public reveal of 2.0. Is anyone else confused?

The trailer is now set to launch with the FFXIV 2.0 marketing campaign in August. There’s a good chance the campaign will start around this year’s Gamescom, where we’ll probably hear more information about 2.0.

Either way, trailer or not, we’ll be on the ground at this year’s E3 talking with Naoki Yoshida to get all the latest details about Final Fantasy XIV 2.0!