Dev Blog: Sufokia the Sunny

Want to be absolutely sure before choosing your nation? Or perhaps you’ve already made your choice, but still have some lingering doubts? We’re here to help! Let’s take a look at what’s lurking around in the nation of Sufokia

Principally known for its port town, Sufokia has managed to keep its head well above the rising water, remaining unfazed by even 10 kameter-high waves. There’s a well-known saying from the World of Twelve’s fishing nation which goes: “On the shores of the oceans, Kokokos and crustaceans…

These are just a few of the marvels this gigantic seaside resort has to offer. But beware! The nation’s coat-of-arms doesn’t bear a purplish Kralove for nothing… beneath the sands of Sufokia you’ll find hidden treasures and treasons alike…


Sufokia’s specialty is obviously fishing. You’ll therefore find more machines dedicated to this profession than you will elsewhere.

Master Barney, John Ussack, and Fligh are three of the greatest specialists in the archipelago. They’ll teach you all the secrets of the fishing trade, from the best bait to hints for hooking your larvae.


Master Screech isn’t as cold as he might appear. From the Sufokia Headquarters, he’ll direct you to the best fishing spots in the nation and give you your first fishing rod so you can become a great Sufokian citizen!

If you think John Ussack looks a bit orange, it’s only because he spends his entire life out in the sun, fishing his days away. He has some great advice for becoming an exemplary fisherman and can be found in the village.

Fishing Gobballs? Impossible? Make sure Hugo Tydal doesn’t hear you say that! Head on over to his prairie and he’ll show you that even a trapper can become a half-decent fisherman.

It didn’t take long for the citizens of Sufokia to understand that, in order to protect their harvests from the tide, they’d need to make sure they were up out of the way! Van Kooper is the guardian of the Hanging Gardens, a wondrous spot that will give you good insight into the farmer profession.

Along Sufokian river banks is where you’ll find those on the hunt for gold, armed with their sieves. You didn’t honestly think that you wouldn’t bump into any Enutrofs here, did you? Billon Stroud is friendly enough and will happily share his mining myths with you!

In the Turfo Canyon, it’s not the sound of waves that fills the air, but Larsenus Wallace’s music. Playing his conch shell is one of his favorite hobbies… after herbalism, of course!

Fed up of the smell of the sea? Came and have a sniff around the firs in the Jumpin’ Jungle! If you’re lucky, you might just bump into Kokogro, who’s always ready to explain exactly how one becomes a lumberjack.

Steamulating Shore is one of the largest areas of Sufokia and includes a village, mines, a harbor, and areas full of monsters… amongst all of this is Fligh, another of the nation’s distinguished fishermen.

The three trade bridges are in the capable hands of Fafahoff (legendary fishmonger and master baker, chef, and handyman), Violet Cotton-Sock (specialist of all that glitters amongst the armorers, jewelers, tailors, and leather dealers), and Synosore (known and admired by all weapons masters).


Brad the Benefactor was recently elected as Governor of Sufokia. Having a strong direction to entertain his people (as he’s rumored to hail from Bilbiza island), he yet keep strangers at a distance (or who we like to call, “those who aren’t on the VIP List” ). This countryman, who has led the extremely patriotic guid “Mosbius Designs“, has proven quite popular in the rating polls! Do you agree?


Naturally, you can expect fine, soft sand beneath your feet and the sound of waves from Sufokia’s shores. However, don’t go thinking that’s all there is to this nation; you won’t find anywhere in the World with as many shells, algae, and different species of fish. In Sufokia, there are beaches aplenty and you definitely won’t be the only pebble on them!





Certain monster families have chosen Sufokia as their home and can be found nowhere else in the World of Twelve!

Average level: 20-30
Loot type: Crab Set, Crab Claw, Crabshell
Sufokian Crabs are incredibly nippy, and we’re not talking about the speed of their movements!

Average level: 30-40
Loot type: Kokoko Set, Kokonut, Koko Leaf
Watch out when you’re walking underneath Kokokos… their nuts might just fall on your head!

Average level: 40-50
Loot type: Shark Set, Shark Tooth, Shark Fin
When you come to Sufokia, think about bringing that friend of yours that always swore Sharks weren’t dangerous…


And, of course, Snappers are also part of Sufokia’s wildlife. Nowhere other than Sufokia do they dare leave the seas to put up a fight!


What exclusive dungeons has Sufokia got to offer?” we hear you cry. Well, read on to find out!

The Snaptrap

They say that, back in the day, there used to be a place where you could relax and paddle in peace… This strange place was called the “Snaptrap”. When the Flood came, it became deserted, and today an armada of Bernardos and Zordfish have decided to make this haven their HQ!


You’ll need to agree to be launched from a catapult to get to the island of Kokokobana! Once safely arrived, perhaps you might want to find a little snack? You’ll soon be welcomed by the charming Kokokos… A piece of advice: try and take a chomp out of them before they do you!

Riktus Den

You might have noticed that pickpockets swarm around beachy areas… so imagine what it’s like in Sufokia! Why don’t you go and wake up the bandits from their siestas?

There are Riktus Dens concealed on each archipelago… ehat’s more, each of them is a little different from the next but all of them are chock-full of traps…! It’s now or never – stop being such a drip and go and show them what else you can do with your rod!

If you like hanging out on the beach and getting roasted by killer rays, come on down to the sunny shores of Sufokia – you won’t be disappointed!