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Event: Meet the SE-Staff

17 May 2012

Join us for an hour on Friday, May 18th at 5:00 PM PST, for an in-game meetingbetween the community and the North American Square Enix staff!


Taking place within SE-Sabi’s very own Haven Bag, conveniently nestled near the Astrub Tavern (especially handy for the after party), all players regardless of Premium status are invited to attend this warm gathering.

Produced with the intent of providing a live forum to answer as many of your questions as possible, the following Square Enix staff members are scheduled to be in attendance: SE-Derek (NA Community Manager) and SE-Sabi (NA Community Representative).

Location Map

In order to run the event as best as possible, the following rules will be in effect:

  • Everyone is free to enter the Haven Bag to attend the session.


  • The Haven Bag may be locked as soon as 5 minutes after the event has begun (therefore arriving early is highly recommended!).


  • Only staff may speak within the Trade Channel, so that their answers may be easily and quickly identified by all in attendance.


  • You are free to ask any question or as many questions as desired, but the team will have such freedom, too (unfortunately not all questions can be answered, whether due to the sheer number of questions asked, time management, or related topic). Nonetheless, we will strive to answer as many as we can.


  • Chat flood or other discouraged behavior will result in being removed from the Haven Bag, without possibility of returning for the remainder of the event.

We look forward to meeting with you tomorrow at 5:00 PM PST — see you there!

Oh, and of course… pets are welcomed…
but please be sure to bring your doggie bags for any
necessary clean up.