“Where in Vana’diel is the Community Team?” Event!

How well do you know Vana’diel? Could you find your way through the Yuhtunga Jungle blindfolded and navigate to safety using only your sense of hearing? Do you know each individual crevice and nook of the maps of Vana’diel? The Community Team has concocted a series of trials to put your knowledge of Vana’diel, as well as your riddle-solving abilities, to the test!

The Community Team will make an appearance on the Test Server and hide in special locations scattered across Vana’diel. Once the team member has made their way to the hiding spot, we will announce a hint regarding the location on both the forum and also in-game via linkshells that will be distributed. Players must then hunt down the hidden Community Team member. The first three players to find the hiding Community Team member and purchase a Red Rose from their bazaar will be awarded a Chocobo Beret!
If you believe you are a hide-and-seek master, head over to the forums to read up on the full event details!