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FFXI 10th Anniversary Fan Art & Fan Video Contests!

8 May 2012

As adventurers around the world know, FINAL FANTASY XI will celebrate its 10th Anniversary of official service in Japan on May 16th, 2012!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, this year the annual Fan Art contest will be slightly modified to enhance the festivities! First the development and operations teams will be judging the initial round of contest entries. The entries that are selected to move on to the final round will be exhibited at VanaFest 2012 (June 23rd & 24th in Japan) where the grand prize winners will ultimately be chosen by the attendees of the event! We’ll also be hosting a Fan Video contest this year to further celebrate the 10th anniversary!

We’re on the hunt for FINAL FANTASY XI “10th Anniversary”-themed videos! Videos that pass the screening process conducted by the FINAL FANTASY XI development and operations teams will be displayed at VanaFest 2012!

Think back to the great times you’ve had in Vana’diel, including breathtaking adventures with your friends, new encounters out on the field and hard won battles against mighty foes!

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