Dev Blog: Ascend Mt. Zinit – Chapter 2

Have you encountered The Great Aguabrial during your journies of Mt. Zinit but left wondering what lays beyond the guardian's lair? Well, make haste to visit Ullu, Messenger of the Gods, as the long awaited Chapter 2 of Mount Zinit is about to arrive in WAKFU!


A Social Undertaking

The first noteable feature: group-play. In the second chapter of the Mt. Zinit questline, you'll be able to form a group with friends and set sail to the new areas: damp caves, dark tunnels, tortuous labyrinths, and of course… strange creatures unseen anywhere else in the World of Twelve (and some you'd be happy to have allies to support you against)!


Exotic Creatures to Encounter

Once you gathered up (or alone, if you feel the need for danger), your journey starts in the Melancholy Falls where you will have to face two new creature families which have been thus discovered in the deeper catacombs of this holy land: the Schnecks and Zinit Stalagmotes.
With an unbelievably unsightful appearance, Schnecks are made to dwell in pure darkness. Do not expect these hairless creatures to shed any mercy; afterall, this far into Mt. Zinit… no one can hear you scream…

Imagine if you will, that both stalactites and stalagmites were given the breath of life… and with an erradic nature, of course! But beware of these lava-born Zinit Stalagmotes, as something doesn't quite sit right with them.

Careful! These monsters are aggressive and could attack you when you least expect it…

Besides these dangerous fights, you will also have pleasant encounters… But the mazes you will have to go through will be as cold and slimy than those who inhabit them! You will soon miss the green fields of Astrub…

Since the content update from May 2nd, access to Mount Zinit has been made easier.

Not only did Hullcatz became less greedy to take you on their boat, we also added Cannons on all trade bridges that should allow you to reach each beginning of chapter that you previously unlocked!

As for Ullu, in Astrub or in Zinit, he will allow you to leave the mount and come back whenever you want.

And with that small teaser, arm yourselves and restock your gun powder, as these new areas will be open to eager explorers in the coming days.