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Content Update 1.2: Hotfix 2 Deployed

3 May 2012

We deployed a second hotfix to resolve a number of issues that were reported within WAKFU Content Update 1.2. Here is a list of the changes that were made.

Important Information

Attention! Due to the changes made by this hotfix, all character abilities have been reset.

For an update-to-date status of the game server and deployment process, please visit the Server Status.



  • Blood Pact is now correctly applied.


  • Constitution is now correctly applied.


  • Experience required to reach level 106 is no longer displayed.


  • Combos life drain / damage mirror no longer desynchronize Health Points between the client and the server.


  • It is now possible to display item details by right clicking in the recycling interface.


  • Immune state has been added to the Nun to prevent Zombification exploits.


  • Cloak of the guild insignia will now display to all players.
  • Guild with maximum level will no longer leach XP from its members.
  • The nation of the Guild members will now display correctly in the interface.
  • Fixed various display issues (text alignment, icons, etc).

Clan Members

  • Clan members will have their wills back, and provide bonuses again.


  • Negative prospecting will no longer prevent players from collecting resources.


  • Dodge level scroll (and other ones) will no longer consume ability points when used.
  • Spell scrolls no longer require a level to be used.
  • Merged pieces of the following sets can no longer be traded:

    • Coral Set
    • Elya Wood Set
    • Opulence Set
    • Torture Set
    • Gobbowler Set
    • Social Netbwork Set
    • Bride Set
    • Ally Baba Set
    • Farmer's Wife Set
    • Little Pirate Set
    • Elephone Set
    • Dirty Scoundrel Set
    • Jester Set
    • Captain Set
    • Sacred Bow Meow Set
    • Moogrr Tamer Set
    • Groom Set
    • Farmer Set
    • Set of the Rising Sun
    • El Conquistadol Set
    • Flamboyant Set
    • Froggy Set
    • Cutie Pie Set
    • Empress Set
    • Natural Set
    • Scrap Irony Set
    • Zinit Set
    • Chaos Set
    • Explorer Set
    • Admin Set
    • Mod Set
    • Godfather Set
    • Survivor Set