Dev Blog: Extreme Makeover – Guild Edition

Content Update 1.2 is on only two days away, and brings some big changes! To prepare you, we offer an in-dept look on what new functionality becomes available on May 2nd regarding the new Guild System overhaul.


A chest, shop, leaderboard… and much more! This article will inform you of all the new modifications that will be made to the Guild System within "Content Update 1.2: Bombs, Pistols, & Runes".


Each guild will now be able to gain levels, and in doing so, unlock unique bonuses.

A guild’s overall level is determined by the average of its combat and crafting levels. In order for the guild to increase these levels, its members must choose to designate a percentage of their own personal experience gains to go towards the guild directly, instead of themselves.

Keep in mind that any personal experience dedicated to the guild will be forever lost to the donator.

As guilds gains in experience, they will gain levels that eventually allow the unlocking of special bonuses and perks, with some of these benefits having specific guild crafting or combat levels outside of overall levels!


Here are a few examples of the bonuses that can be unlocked through guild level advancement:

  • Chest: a common item storage to all members of the guild.
  • Shop: where exclusive items can be purchased.
  • Cape and Insignia: assemble under a common banner against other guilds.

All obtainable bonuses, whether or not unlocked, can be directly viewed from within the Guild Interface.


Let’s spend a moment detailing the community's two biggest guild requests: the Chest and Shop.

The Guild Chest is a storage unit wherein guild members may store particular items, according to their rank and its permissions; all members may view the chest and store items along with kamas, but only appointed members may withdraw Kamas and items.

Guild Chests can be managed and accessed by visiting a Guild Bank, now located in each nation (along with an associated map marker to guild members easy identification). In addition, chests may be expanded for several tabs of storage which can be unlocked through guild advancement.

Working in a similar fashion to Token Machines, the Guild Shop will allow you to obtain special items for free — depending on the level of your guild, of course.


With all these changes, the interface naturally had to evolve, as well.

Made up of 3 tabs, the interface will now display: General, Rank Management, and Calendar (Calendar will follow in a future update).

Within the General tab, you’ll find the following content:

  • Guild Name
  • Guild Levels (both Global, Combat, and Crafting)
  • Guild Emblem
  • Guild Description (public)
  • Guild Message (internal)
  • Member Roster (including avatar, name, class, nickname, rank, level, nation, contributed experience, and description)
  • Filter of Online Members
  • Guild Perks

Within the Rank Management tab, you’ll find the following content:

  • Create/Remove Rank
  • Change Rank Name
  • Change Rank Permissions

Within the Calendar tab, you’ll find the following content:

  • Content Coming Soon


Previously, guilds were limited to four prebuilt ranks: Guild Leader, Officer, Recruiter and Member.

Now, you’ll be able to create your own ranks, name them, and even customize their permissions!

Available permissions to choose from include, amongst others:

  • Invite/kick a member
  • Promote/demote a member's rank
  • Withdraw items from the Guild Chest
  • Withdraw Kamas from the Guild Chest
  • Modify the Guild Description
  • Modify the Guild Message


If a user belongs to a guild, upon logging into the game they will be shown their designated Guild Message within the Guild Chat Channel, which can be modified at any time by appointed appropriate guildies within the Guild Interface. Quite the perfect way to let everyone know the latest news, or to simply organize a dungeon crawl!

What’s more, you’ll be able to add a description to your guild, too, which will be viewable to all through the Guild Leaderboard.


The Guild Leaderboard is an attempt to establish a listing of the Best 50 Guilds, ranked by overall, combat, and crafting levels.

Anyone can consult the leaderboard, which will be available in the Guild Bank of each nation. It will display the following information:

  • Name
  • Ranking
  • Description
  • Leader
  • Emblem


Finally, one of the many features requested was to be able to have a "Guild Haven Bag." This will be possible through a new Haven Bag permission, called “Guild”. Accordingly, it will allow you to make a Haven Bag only available to your guild where the group will be able to meet up, store loot, plant resources, and conduct many other points of business, as well!


So, now you know. Guilds are changing entirely. Not only will you be able to better organize yourselves and share your resources, but you’ll also be able to compare your guild to other guilds in the World of Twelve… who knows, maybe a legendary rivalry will be born!