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Content Update 1.2: Bombs, Pistols, & Runes

27 Apr 2012

In Content Update 1.2, Rogues will be unleashed upon the world along with the island of Forfut! While you're there, test your luck by enhancing equipment with the once-forgotten art of Smithmagic so that you're now prepared for the new dungeons!

Discover these and other anticipated changes in WAKFU Content Update 1.2: Bombs, Pistols, & Runes, arriving May 2nd!

Membership Accesses

  • Free Members can now group freely with Premium Members (and vice-versa), though standard combat restrictions still apply.
  • Free Members will be able to create guilds. Now, time for some turf wars!



  • Ability and Specialty Points have been reset due to the large number of changes and fixes. Accordingly, please be sure to double-check all of your stats and spells before re-attributing them!
  • Cra, Xelor and Eniripsa class modifications are still on-going and will be disclosed closer to patch deployment.
  • Prospecting and Wisdom may not longer be improved through Ability Points. They are therefore restricted to equipment and item-issued increments only.

Rogue's Ruse

You have been calling out for them loud and long, and finally, armed with their iconic explosives and bandanna, here comes the Rogue!

The Rogues are WAKFU’s most feared bandits, and for good reason: they’re so versatile. Pistols, bombs, blades and gadgets are the main components of their devastating arsenal, and they won’t hesitate to use each and every one of them to achieve their nefarious goals!

As you’ll soon find out, we’ve kept their unique system of bombs but drastically enhanced their overall gameplay from what was experienced in Beta — complete with a rework of their class spells. Accordingly, each elemental branch now has its own theme, making them more coherent.

You can view all the details of this new class, branch by branch, in the "Dev Blog: Gameplay for Rogue Ruse ". 


  • Damage in case of critical hits with spells with MP and WP cost are now multiplied by 1.5.
  • Smasher: can only be used once per turn.
  • Bloodthirsty Fury: has been rebalanced. It costs 1 AP and 1 MP, is limited to 1 use a turn and a target. Its damage is 2 – 40 on an enemy (1 – 3.5 on the Sacrier) and its effect gives +10-20% damage on the next Fire spell.
  • Motion Sickness: can be used once per turn and target.
  • Light Speed: can be used once per turn.
  • Punishment: can be used once per turn; damage received by the Sacrier are now 18. Base damage (when the enemy has less HP than and at level 100) are 147.
  • Blood Rush: can be used multiple times per turn; damage received by the Sacrier are now 4 (level 100). Base damage (level 100) are now 52.
  • Burning Blood: damage received by the Sacrier is now 12 (lvl 1-100). Base damage (level 100) is now 77.
  • Sacrier's Fist: can be used multiple times per turn and target.


Damage in case of critical hit with these spells have been reduced and is now multiplied by 1.5:

  • Execution
  • Guile
  • Trauma


Damage in case of critical hit with these spells have been reduced and are now multiplied by 1.5:

  • Woodland Stench
  • K’mir
  • Gust


  • Ecaflip Precision: damage bonus announced by this passive spell is now correctly applied.


  • Drheller Digging: chance to discover a new deposit is correctly applied.


  • For balance purpose, summons can no longer summon other creatures.


  • Fecastopheles: base damage is now 95 at level 100 (142 in case of critical hit).



  • Ogrest’s Chaos will now take place twice a week within each nation, instead of one.

Adventure Island: Forfut

Vampyro makes an appearance in a new Adventure Island: Forfut!

Two new monster families are waiting for you, the Ghouls and Borbats, along with a new dungeon: the Forfut Castle. Vampyro will show you how he welcomes his guests! Of course, new challenges and new quests will also be available… enough to make levels from 75 to 90 tremble with fear…!

Mount Zinit

  • A Quest Compass has been added to help direct your way.
  • The Hullcatz will only ask for Piwi Beaks if you've never been to Mount Zinit before.
  • Travel to Mount Zinit has been simplified: you can access it directly from the Astrub Harbor or via canoons located on Trade Bridges.

Level Cap

WAKFU welcomed its first level 100's and as soon as they got to the top, they were already asking about level 101! We decided to do better than that…

The Level Cap has been raised from 100 to 105!

But you will have to use the best strategies and that you’ve learnt thus far along with a mastery of patience!


“Centuries ago, before Ogrest’s Deluge hit our world, our ancestors were mastering the art of Smithmagic.”

This update also celebrates the arrival of the Smithmagic in WAKFU! With an accessible and simplified system!

Smithmagic is not a profession to learn: everybody can do it using Runic Recyclers. These workshops will allow you to shatter items for a chance at runes.

In turn, runes set on your equipment will allow you to add bonuses, improving your Health Points, Critical Hit rate, Damage etc. The customization of your items will be unlimited!

Don't know what to do with bulky equipment in your inventory and don't want to part with them without any profit? Say goodbye to this dilemma!

Details about Smithmagic are revealed in the official "Dev Blog: Smithmagic Arrives in WAKFU! ". 


A large number of improvements have been carried out to Guilds:

  • New Evolution System: each guild can gain experience and levels by levying a percentage of its members' experience. A guild has a battle and a crafting level and its overall level is the mean of these two levels. To level up the guild in battle and crafting, members have to offer a percentage of their personal experience gain (battle/crafting from 0 to 70%). As a result, the guild's overall level allows the unlocking of bonuses for all members such as a guild chest, chest improvement, a guild shop and items, characteristic bonuses, and more.
  • Member Ranks: you can create/delete ranks, edit rank names, and edit permissions.
  • Guilds Messages and Description: set the public description of the guild and a Message of the Day for all guild members.
  • Interface Redesign: facilitates a description visible from the Guild Leaderboard.
  • Guilds Leaderboard: ranks the 50 biggest guilds according to their overall level, their battle level, and their crafting level. Players can find out their ranking and description, identity of its leader and its coat of arms by consulting the Guild Bank, one in every nation.
  • Haven Bag “Guild” Permission: allows to set certain accesses within your Haven Bag.
  • Guild Chest: this common storage space is accessible at the “Guild Bank” in every nation (marked on the map).
  • Guild Shop: similar to the “Tokens Machines” with the same interface, here you can obtain unique items!

Comeplete details will be revealed within a Devblog on April 30th.


All challenges will now be rewarded with tokens.

Accordingly, these tokens will then alllow you to purchase special items in dedicated machines within each national tavern. Most items within Challenge Machines are exclusive, and may include:

  • Dungeon Keys: no longer available through Dungeon Machines, but instead only via Challenge Machines (and through drops, of course).
  • Adventure Island Seeds: boowolf, Crobak, etc..
  • Unique Equipment: such as the Trool set.
  • Crafting Sets: dear crafters, this is for you! You can find 3-items sets that offer bonuses for various professions!
  • Experience Scrolls: increase your leveling efforts!

These changes lead to a global rebalance (level and stats) of all items acquirable through challenges.

Challenges and Quests

The quests system has been improved. Some challenges offer Experience and Abilities Points:

  • Castle Wagnarstein: two common ability points
  • Army of Twofu: dodging level scroll
  • Cavern Story: experience points and items


We added a new mechanic to increase the strength of monsters depending on the number of opponents.

So far this mechanic will only be applied to a select few monster families. These bonuses will differ depending on the type of monster. The families impacted are:

  • Wild Gobballs
  • Ghouls and Bats (Forfut)
  • Monks
  • Rats (Monk Island)


World Bosses

  • Spawn times have been modified; instead of being fixed, World Bosses will now have spawn time windows wherein they can appear at random intervals within that frame. This has been done in attempts to reduce camping. 

Black Crow

  • Now destroys all Area-of-Effects with his Flurry
  • No longer takes damage if his Flurry touches a Sadida Totem.
  • Now casts his Crobak Shower twice a turn, but only once per target.

Monk family

  • Resistances and Health Points have been increased.

Brakmar Stalagmotes

  • Action Points cost of the spell Stalaspittle has been increased.


  • Is now level 66 instead of 45.


  • Rebalanced to better fit the rest of the wildlife.


Nun family

  • Initiative and Health Points have been increased.
  • Resistance bonus provided by Monks are increased by 50%.
  • Its graves now have more Health Points.

Wild Gobballs

  • Groups will be less populated.
  • Respawn rates have been increased.


Certain crafting recipes will create several same items for within one "craft" . These recipes will be indicated with a number of item the recipe will create. This is the case for several Baker’s recipes, in particular for breads.

Some recipes that require a lot of resources (such as craft “packs”) will give more experience than simple recipes.

Example: FARLE BREAD PACK (lvl 5) : 15 Water Bucket + 5 Wheat Flour = 5 FARLE BREAD and 500 profession XP.

Baker and Chef:

  • Global revamp, with a re-evaluation of recipes (decreased ingredients required and increased bonus applied).


  • The fish population is growing! More fishing spots have been found.


With all the high level content that has been made available, we thought it time the lower levels got some TLC in the form of 2 new low-level dungeons:

  • The Bow Meow Dungeon will be located in downtown Astrub. This three-room dungeon is planned for level 10 players. Access can be had with the “Bow Meow Key”. It is ideal for new incarnates to practice!
  • The Tofu Dungeon will be located within in each nation’s Village Area. This double three-room dungeon is planned for players level 15 to 20. Access can be had with the “Tofuhouse Key”. It is perfect place to learn spells without getting scathed!

The Celestial Gobball Dungeon has been rebalanced to adapt the difficulty of the first room versus the difficulty of the final boss:
  • Dungeon Gobballs have been replaced by higher level Cloudy Gobballs.
  • The Celestial Gobball has been pushed down.

The Undieworld Dungeon has been modified:
  • The state “Sacred Silence” is placed on players at the beginning of the battle.
  • Each time they use a Wakfu Point, they receive strong damage.
  • A hint as been added to guide players on how to access the dungeon.


  • Resources integration until level 90, although certain resources can only be obtained through Challenge Tokens:

    • Lumberjack: harvestable resources added: Citronana (lvl. 65), Pollard (lvl. 70), Pooplar (lvl. 75), Hornbeam (lvl. 80), Mahogany (lvl. 85) and Yew (lvl. 90).
    • Herbalist: harvestable resources added: Volcanic Plant (lvl. 65), Puffball (lvl. 70), Edelweiss (lvl. 75), Cotton (lvl. 80), Gorsegoyle (lvl. 85) and Death Cap (lvl. 90).
    • Farmer: harvestable resources added: Black Rice (lvl. 55), Sweat Jute (lvl. 60), Jollyflower (lvl. 65), Maïs (lvl. 70), Melon Seed (lvl. 75), Sunflower (lvl. 80), Watermelon (lvl. 85) and Twisted Rump Chilli (lvl. 90).
    • Miner: harvestable resources added: Glitzy Quartz (lvl. 60), Luminous Lead (lvl. 65), Silver (lvl. 65), Royal Bauxite (lvl. 70), Sovereign Titanium (lvl. 75), Grievous Kroomium (lvl. 80), Amethyst (lvl. 85) and Double Carat Sapphire (lvl. 90).
  • Full equipment sets can be merged into a single item in your inventory to save space. To do so, click on the button “Merge set” that has been added next to the existing option of “See set details”. The set will automatically “unmerge” when you equip it.

    • A new "Set category" will be added to the Marketplace filters.
    • All precious stones will be now “Rare” quality. Therefore, they will be harder to obtain from creatures and bosses.
    • Bellaphone Dye and Singing Stone will be dropped and will no longer be challenge rewards.
    • Wisdom Scrolls will require you to be lower than level 100 to use.
    • Makabra Ring stats have been rebalanced:

      • Makabraktion Ring:

        • +5 – 55 Health Points (level 1-100)
        • +1 – 16 Initiative
        • +0 – 2% Critical Hit
      • Makabrisdom Ring:

        • +5 – 100 Health Points
        • +1 – 15 Wisdom
      • Makabraspekting Ring:

        • +5 – 100 Health Points
        • +1 – 15 Prospecting
      • Makabrakfire Ring:

        • +5 – 100 Health Points
        • +0 – 10 Initiative
        • +1 – 15% Damage


  • A “Servers Status” widget will now display server information on the home main screen to inform you about maintenances.
  • The Passport will now be integrated into the interface.
  • Pop-up interfaces has had their design and aesthetics improved.

  • Group members will now be distinguished: they will be shown in-game with a particle effect.

  • Crafting machines will now display their positions with new markers on the world map.
  • Keyboard shortcuts linked to the spell bars will now be customizable.

Bug Fixes

  • Ancestral Crackler:

    • Crackler Hearts are now obtainable.
    • Crackler levels have been increased in addition to their Health Points and damage
    • Larva levels have been decreased
  • It is no longer possible to equip weapons in the Kanojedo.
  • "Bulgapik" state (damage mirror) from Gobby Bulga can no longer be dispelled.
  • Makabra Club now works correctly in critical hits: it no longer affects the complete combat area.
  • Item drop rates in the Crobac dungeon have been fixed and now match those of other dungeons.
  • The following recipes are now correctly achievable:

    • The Harshey
    • Chocolate Shield
  • "Gangrene" state now has an effect that matches its description (loss of Health Points per Action Points used).
  • Aggression is now possible again in Sufokia mines.