VanaFest Details: EARTHBOUND PAPAS, Exclusive Items and more!

More details have been released for this year’s VanaFest celebration including the reveal of the special event item: it’s a full blown Moogle suit that you can wear and comes in both male and female versions. Who needs a Moogle Cap when you can wear a full Moogle head now!?

VanaFest 2012 will take place in Japan at Pacifico Yokohama from June 23-24. The schedule for both days is very similar but just different enough to make fans want to attend both days. Mog Bonanzas, Developer panels, a Distant Worlds performance from the EARTHBOUND PAPAS and more are planned for the event. Some of the events will also be streamed online, allowing for non-attendees to get a glimpse of the event.

Read on for more information about the event!

Basic Info

June 23, 2012 9 am to 5 pm (last entry at 4 pm)
June 24, 2012 9 am to 4 pm (last entry at 3 pm)

Current players who live in Japan and have a PlayOnline ID linked to their Japanese Square Enix Account are eligible to reserve tickets for the day(s) they wish to attend via the event site from April 26th to May 8th. The tickets can then be purchased later in May through a Ticket Pia system for 1500 yen. A limited number of tickets will also be available at the door for 2000 yen.

Attendees on both days will receive a small bundle of commemorative gifts including:

  • 10th Anniversary Ballpoint Pen
  • 10th Anniversary Lanyard and Entry Pass
  • Code for a combat orb to access a new special battlefield in game
  • Limited Edition Event Pamphlet and Attraction Stamp Rally Sheet

In order to get the Mog Mask and Mog Suit pictured above, you need to collect stamps by participating in various “attractions” at the event.


Stage Info

Developers’ Chat
This is the standard panel given by members of the Development and Operations teams.  They promise to talk about the direction they are heading with FFXI, content planned for future updates, and more with a hint of surprising new announcements.  Unlike most of the stage events, the Developers’ Chat panel will have different content both days.

Former Directors’ Chat “Project XI -The Developers-“
How did the first console MMORPG get started?  This panel will look back on the past 10 years and reveal secrets they can only now discuss.

Musical Presentations
FFXI soundtrack composers Mizuta Naoshi, Tanioka Kumi, and Uematsu Nobuo will be giving mini concerts.  Of particular note is that this will be the first time that Uematsu’s rock band “EARTHBOUND PAPAS” will perform the FFXI classic “Distant Worlds”.

Trans-Vana’diel Vrtra Quiz
This will be a quiz game show panel where attendees will compete in groups of two with promises of rich rewards for the winning team.

New Special Battlefield Panel
While attendees will be able to try out the new special battlefield at the event and at home, this panel on the main stage will get 12 attendees to face off in teams of six on the field for the chance to win an in-game item.

Final Fantasy XI Cosplay Contest
Details for the contest will be released later but in essence, this contest gives players a chance to show off the FFXI outfits they’ve created.

Nomad Mog and Real Mog Bonanza
Each day the main stage events will end with a Mog Bonanza.  The Nomad Mog Bonanza will be open to everyone to celebrate the 10th anniversary, much like the Mog Bonanza held at the 2010 VanaFest in Japan.  The Real Mog Bonanza event will be limited to attendees.

A little bit of good news for those of us that can’t attend:  some of the main stage events will be broadcast online.

Event Corner Info

Vana’diel Cafe “Rarab Tail Hostelry”
The cafe will serve a number of dishes inspired by in-game delicacies.  Check out the Creator’s Voice Z blog where the dishes are being tested by various FFXI team members.

New Special Battlefield Corner
Come with your friends or come alone.  All are welcome to try out the new special battlefield.

10th Anniversary Random’diel
A classic event for VanaFest in Japan, attendees will be able to try their luck at special capsule machines to get one of six limited edition dog-tags.  They will also come with a code for an in-game item.  One very lucky attendee might just find themselves with an extremely rare drop!  (500 yen per play)

Attraction Corner
Vana’diel fortunetellers Kurou-Morou and Chululu have plans to host various attractions like a special FFXI version of katanuki.

Display Corner
Look back on 10 years of FFXI at this display of rare merchandise and promotional goods.

Fan Art Contest
The theme and information on how to enter will be released later.  A select number of entries will be chosen by the Development and Operations teams.  Event attendees will be able to vote on their favorites.  The winning entry will be posted on the official FFXI website.  Of course, prizes will be involved as well.

Live Quest
Adventurers who think they have what it takes should form a party and accept a quest from an NPC.  It won’t be easy to complete!  You’ll need to rely on your knowledge, strength, and luck.

A number of casual events are being planned for the sub-stage including a  “FFXI YouTube Live” broadcast with (maybe? hopefully?) special guests.

There are also other events being planned including a booth where you can buy various FFXI merchandise including limited edition 10th Anniversary goods.

(Note: All of this information has been adapted from the VanaFest 2012 website.  For more complete details in Japanese, please visit the site directly.)