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Dev Blog: Smithmagic Arrives in WAKFU!

26 Apr 2012

Centuries ago, long before Ogrest’s Chaos drowned our world, our ancestors mastered the art of "Smithmagic". This ancient art, was not completely lost and reappears today in WAKFU.


Today we will go over a bran new aspect of the game that may change the way you look at your equipment forever, so let's discover together the basics of Smithmagic.

The first important thing you need to know: Smithmagic is not a profession. With the knowledge of this ancient art having been lost over time, it now must be regained.

Smithmagic can be practised by everyone, with varying degrees of success. The goal is to recover runes using Runic Recyclers.

These workshops will be situated on the merchant bridges, near the Canoons to Mount Zinit.

The second thing to consider is that although recycling may seem simple, a rune is a rare item, and as such, could be difficult to obtain.

Smithmagic is a process that requires a great deal of luck, but is very rewarding if you can master it!


So you can customise your equipment.

Smithmagic will allow you to adapt your equipment to your class and your way of playing the game. Simply set your items with runes that give bonuses to characteristics, damage, health points etc. Your character will be more unique than ever before!

So you can recycle your equipment.

Now you’ll be able to get rid of your unwanted items and gain some space in your inventory without feeling short-changed! The Recyclers will allow you to break items for a chance of recovering runes.


Anyone can recycle, and there’s no profession to learn before you can break an item, recover a rune and set it into a piece of equipment.

To recycle an item, head over to a Recycling workshop.

The workshop interface will display all of the items in your inventory that can be recycled. You can then drag and drop the items you want into the dedicated slots at the bottom left of the window, and then start the recycling in the same way you would if you were crafting something.

Only items that can be equipped (with the exception of bags) can be recycled.

By recycling an item in a Smithmagic workshop, the player has a chance of obtaining a rune.

The rate of obtaining a rune is based on the level of the item and its rarity, and so it is possible to not obtain a rune when an item is recycled. The higher the level and rarity of the item, the better your chances of recovering a rune. Conversely, recycling common equipment has very little chance of giving you a rune.

Add to this the fact that you can only recover one rune per recycled item. It goes without saying that runes will be a very valuable resource!

When an item is recycled, it is automatically destroyed, whether the player has recovered a rune or not.


A rune is a magical stone that will grant a bonus to any item you set it on.

To obtain a rune, you must recycle equipment. At the moment, this is the only in-game method of obtaining runes.

The level of runes increases by 10 from 10 through 200. The higher a rune’s level, the greater its bonus.

A  rune’s level is determined by the level of the item you are recycling, rounded up to the nearest level. For example, if you recycle an item of a level from 41 to 50, you will be able to obtain a level 50 rune, or no rune at all!

Runes can only be set on items of the same level as the rune, or highter.

When a rune is set, it cannot be recovered. It can, however, be replaced if you drag and drop another rune over it. This action will destroy the original rune.


The first thing you need to remember is that not all equipment can be maged. It should also be noted that items currently in the game will not have any rune slots. However, we will add a complete new list of items that can be maged.

To find out if a piece of equipment can be maged, you need to click on it and check that one or more empty maging slots appear. If you click on these slots, a maging window will appear, in which you can place your runes. Items can have up to 3 maging slots.

To set a rune, simply drag and drop it into one of the maging slots.

A confirmation window will appear, asking you to confirm the action.

And that’s it! Congratulations, you’ve just done your very first bit of maging!


There are three different types of rune corresponding to 3 shapes: round, triangle-shaped, and square.

Each shape corresponds to a different category of bonus. We’ll let you discover which categories yourself, in-game.

Just like the runes, the available slots for runes on items can be round, triangle-shaped and square.

You’ve guessed it: you can only use a rune in a slot of the same shape.

We want Smithmagic to be as comprehensive as possible while still being accessible.

The runes available to you are varied, not only in the bonuses that they offer, but also by their power levels. This means that the opportunities for customising your equipment are almost unlimited, and all through a simple drag and drop!

Are you ready to discover the secrets of this ancient art? Who knows, maybe there are even more surprises waiting to be discovered! Find out on May 2nd!

Note: Words used in the images may not reflect future localized terms.