Dev Blog: Gameplay for Rogue Ruse

The Rogues will explode onto the scene on May 2nd! Read on to find out more about their amazing versatility in combat!

The Rogues are WAKFU’s most feared bandits, and for good reason: they’re so versatile.

Pistols, bombs, blades and gadgets are the main components of their devastating arsenal, and they won’t hesitate to use each and every one of them to achieve their nefarious goals!

As you’ll soon find out, we’ve kept their unique system of bombs but drastically enhanced their overall gameplay — complete with a rework of their class spells, compared to the limited released version during Beta.

Now, as such, each elemental branch has its own coherent theme!


A Rogue’s bombs have several unique features: they don’t block movement or Line-of-Sight, and they have charges. When a bomb no longer has any charge, it will explode. But bombs can also be thrown directly at a target, in which case they will explode upon impact, just like grenades! Oh my…!

You can increase a bomb’s charge using the fire spell “Barbed Fire”, but you can also decrease it using the detonator, or by simply throwing or attacking the bomb itself. An exploding bomb will trigger all other bombs present in its Area-of-Effect.

Can you imagine the devastation with a few well-placed bombs?


The Earth branch is based on firing pistols. Each pistol shot is different, be that in its range, Area-of-Effect, or cost in points, making this Rogue particularly versatile!

  • Machine Gun: an unpretentious burst that will allow you to finish off (or make a hole in) your target at low cost.
  • Piercing Shot: particularly effective against strong targets, this spell ignores a target’s resistance!
  • Crossfire: a perfect diagonal shot for hitting hidden targets or surprising your opponent.
  • BLAM!!!: if your enemies have gathered together in a group, BLAM!!!’s Area-of-Effect will make them think twice about making the same mistake again!
  • Pulsar: this powerful shot will consume all of your AP and MP and will inflict damage according to the number of points consumed.


Air Rogues are sneaky and deceitful. They won’t hesitate to use these attributes and stick their longsword right in their opponent ribs! What’s more, each of their spells have a surprise up its sleeve: a unique critical hit effect!

  • Slap Shot: the Rogue whips out its dagger to tear its opponent to shreds. On a critical hit, the target will suffer reduced Air resistance.
  • Rogueise: this spell will pull the target towards the Rogue, and position the Rogue behind the target. On a critical hit, the target will become "Confused".
  • Boomerang Dagger: the Rogue throws its dagger in a circular arc. On a critical hit, they will receive an extra pistol shot.
  • Barbecued Ribs: this spell offers great close-combat damage, and at low cost. It is so powerful on a critical hit that the target loses 1 MP.
  • Longsword: the Rogue brandishes a longsword and deals a powerful close-combat attack to its target. The blow is so powerful that the Rogue is pushed back one tile. However, on a critical hit, the opponent it also pushed back one tile!


If you like blowing things up, the Fire branch is made for you! Specialists in gadgets and explosives: a Fire Rogue always has a detonator in-hand!

  • Burning Bomb: this bomb will explode in four turns after placement, with a chance of inflicting the "Burning" state.
  • Barbed Fire: the Rogue uses a piece of magical barbed wire as a whip to teach its enemy a lesson. When cast on a bomb, this spell gives it a charge.
  • Blaze: using this spell, a Rogue can turn a bomb or Boombot into an electrical conductor, causing damage around the bomb or Boombot.
  • Blinding Bomb: three turns after being placed, this bomb will emit a blinding flash, inflicting the "Blindness" state.
  • Flaming Glove: the Rogue uses its Flaming Glove to pull itslef closer to its bombs.


Active Specialities

  • Hotwire: this specialty allows a Rogue to ignite its Earth bombs.
  • Detonator: this inexpensive spell will reduce the bomb’s charge each time it is cast, and will increase the bomb’s damage when it explodes.
  • Magnetic Glove: a Rogue can use this Glove to carry and throw its bombs, or push back their opponents, inflicting damage in the process.
  • Boombot: this spell summons a small, remote-controlled robot which can push bombs and set them off! If you fire on it, the range of your shot will be extended.
  • Acciobomb: if a target is situated close to a bomb, Acciobomb will place that opponent in direct contact with it. If there is more than one bomb at the same distance from the target, the bomb will be chosen at random.

Passive Specialities

  • Bomberfan: increases the damage of bombs, and the Rogue’s resistance to this damage.
  • Surprise Shot: each time the Rogue fires its pistol, it has a chance of triggering an extra Water-based shot.
  • Master of Air: converts some of the Rogue’s Initiative into Air damage.
  • Runaway: with each blow received, the Rogue has a chance of fleeing in the opposite direction (from 1 to 3 tiles).
  • Rogue Master: this passive allows the Rogue to gain Initiative and Mechanics. It also has a chance of recovering an AP if one of its bombs explodes.

The Rogues might not be ready to reveal all of their secrets just yet, but at least you have a much better idea about them and their unusual style of play. Just make sure you’re around on May 2nd to see what else they’re hiding behind their bandanna!