Dev Blog: Brakmar the Brutal

Want to be absolutely sure before choosing your nation? Or perhaps you’ve already made your choice, but still have some lingering doubts? We’re here to help! Let’s take a look at what’s lurking around in the nation of Brakmar

As my good Brakmarian friend Emsi Satourne says, “No pain, no game!”. Brakmar is the land of blacksmiths and abundant minerals… Don’t its majestic lava lakes, fiery-colored flora, and flesh-eating monsters just give you goose bumps all over? No other archipelago in the World of Twelve compares to Brakmar. Its blazing Coat of Arms proudly dons a magnificent sword, ornate with dragon wings, so it’s no surprise that you’ll be thrown straight into the fire from the frying pan. Now, get ready to turn up the heat!


Brakmar’s specialties are mining and kama minting. You’ll therefore find more machines dedicated to these professions here than you will elsewhere.

You can find out where the best veins of ore are by talking to Master Barney at the Brakmar Headquarters, Jonk Wincey in Brakmar Village, or Moe Kneetorks on the Sidimote Moors.


Weapons masters are also pretty important in Brakmar… They say that the best blacksmiths the World of Twelve has ever seen learnt their trade in Brakmar, in the grandest forge around: the Sidimote volcano furnace! If you don’t believe it, just go and ask Stumpy Jack on Weapons Bridge!


Master Barney will welcome you as soon as you arrive at the Brakmar Headquarters to tell you all about the nation’s customs and to teach you the miner profession. He’ll also set you up with all the right info to survive in this merciless nation!

Whoever said makeup was for girls? Make sure you let go of any stereotypes you might have when you go to meet Jonk Wincey in Brakmar Village… He’s a tough cookie and might choose to withhold his trusty advice on the mining profession if you’re too shallow…

Looking for a potion to improve your fighting skills? A poison you can depend on? Well, be wary of Viscera – he’s known for being a bit of a dodgy dealer… Take a stroll around Flask Garden and see if you can talk him into telling you about the herbalist profession. With any luck you’ll soon know how to make everything yourself, without having to spend a kama!

If you’re a Gobbowl fan, then the name “Mr. M” might mean something to you… This infamous sports personality is being held, against his will, amidst a herd of Gobballs. The poor guy lost the key to his Gobbowl pitch! He’ll happily teach you how to become a trapper to pass the time… And who knows? You might just come across his key during your shearing shenanigans!

Meditation aids concentration… and a warrior can deal some pretty powerful blows when he’s properly focused! Jaffacrack in Mourning Wood will show you how a well-trained soul is invaluable for a successful battle – you’ll just have to fit it in around your lumberjack lessons.

Brakmarians aren’t particularly known for their green fingers… but if a little outdoor grooming happens to tickle your fancy, you’ll need to make sure you follow the rules! You can become a farmer by heading on over to the Pabong Fields, where Ely Sianfields will teach you how to plant a row of Babbage in a perfectly straight line.

Feeling a bit chilly? Well, go and have a peek at what’s heating up on Mount Unutterable, the Burning Churner, the Heat Within, the Flaming Scathe – whatever you want to call it – the Brakmar volcano! Moe Kneetorks, guardian of the Sidimote Moors, will be there to reveal all of the volcano’s mysteries. You can also get the scoop on what’s hot and what’s not in the mining profession.

Carry on wandering and you’ll get to Gnashville, where you’ll find Krustiblak the fisherman. Feel free to explore the sandy region; just don’t lean too far over the edge of those craggy cliffs! Oh… and it’s the perfect place to bring those enemies that you just can’t shrug off. After all, accidents happen…!

The three trade bridges are in the capable hands of Stumpy Jack (the master of all weapons masters), Tyra Misu (the best – and only – Brakmarian that can make you a baker, chef or handyman), and Sarkophagus (a role model for armorers, jewelers, tailors, and leather dealers).



Brakmar salutes the current Governor of Brakmar "Devil", who is very open to communicate with his nation citizens to their voices or even plan the next nation's big event!



Brakmar’s landscape, quite unlike the others in the World of Twelve, certainly has its own… er… charm. If you’re looking for an exotic touch or cheery holiday snaps, maybe it’s not the place for you. If, on the other hand, you’re into grand, panoramic views that’ll take your breath away, you’ll get your kama’s worth here! From its magnificent volcano to its fishing village, and from its sandy coasts to its marshy prairies, Brakmar has a host of atypical terrains just waiting to be discovered!



Certain monster families have chosen Brakmar as their home and can be found nowhere else in the World of Twelve!

Average level: 20 – 30
Loot type: Strich Set, Gigantegg Shell, Strich Bag
Don’t be fooled by their squint, Striches have eyeballs in those sockets and are actually quite accurate when it comes to aiming. Never mind their eyes, watch out for your own!

Average level: 25
Loot type: Bellaphone Set, Bellaphone Tuft
Just beautiful, aren’t they? Almost too beautiful to believe… Could they be hiding something? Rest assured, you’ll soon find out…!

Average level: 30 – 40
Loot type: Chafer Set, Skull, Spinal Column
Think their bones look pretty fragile? Well, think again! They’ve drunk their fair share of Moogrr Milk…

You can also measure up against Scaraleaves and Stalagmotes. These beasts are tenacious, so watch out!



Brakmar would be nothing without its exclusive dungeons… Here is a quick summary!

The Abandoned Scarapit

Delve deep into the heart of the earth to come face-to-face with the Scaraleaves in their lair! Try not to get hit by the lava and magma splatters – it would be a shame to be evacuated for third degree burns now, wouldn’t it?


Morbax Neplopolis

Chafers armed to the teeth (oh, such beautiful teeth!) await you on the Sidimote Moors, not too far from the mouth of the volcano… Yep, you got it – just where the lava cascades are the most dangerous!


Riktus Den

Brakmar; the perfect spot for a Bandit den! You might have guessed that this is the Riktus gang’s cozy hideout. Riktus Dens can be found in each archipelago, each one varying slightly from the next, but all swarming with traps…

It’s now or never… Go and see if they’re as bad as the legends make out!

So there you have it; three exclusive dungeons, each with a different, deviant challenge!

Are you a sucker for post-apocalyptic décor just swimming in lava? Can’t get enough of out-of-this-world challenges? Well, what are you waiting for? Brakmar’s your number one choice!