Attacking Monsters with an Avatar While Being AFK

Recently, we have confirmed an issue wherein players in Grauberg (S) will leave their summoned avatars out while they’re AFK and let the avatars attack monsters by using the auto-counter attack system. Also, we have confirmed that these players have gained experience points and items through this act.

Not only does this act upset the game balance, it may interrupt the game play of other players. Any players caught performing the act by a Game Master (GM) may see disciplinary action taken against their accounts. Therefore, we ask that you please refrain yourself from performing this act.

Please be advised that a GM may request assistance from you if they determine that your actions may be causing a disruption in the game balance. If you received instructions from a GM, we ask that you follow them immediately. If you do not follow the instructions, as stated previously, the GM will take action against your account.

If you encounter a player performing this act, please do not hesitate to report them to the Special Task Force via the URL listed below. The Special Task Force and the GMs will work together to investigate the matter accordingly.

?SQUARE ENIX Support Center
[Report to Special Task Force]

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.