Event: Haiku Contest Results

After an exhaustive study of all the great entries submitted, the results of the Haiku Contest which celebrated the upcoming launch of WAKFU during Open Beta is here!

During the last few days of Open Beta, a Haiku Contest took place to celebrate the upcoming launch of WAKFU.

The contestants were given freedom as far as execution of their art, with only two main requirements: to re-create their best WAKFU Closed or Open Beta memory, while adhering to a haiku's syllable meter.

Entries must consist of three (3) lines in the following pattern, with a total of seventeen (17) syllables:

  • Line one (1) must be five (5) syllables.
  • Line two (2) must be seven (7) syllables.
  • Line three (3) must be five (5) syllables.

Each entry was carefully considered and judged by a committee of WAKFU staff members who based their critiques on the haiku poetry requirement, overall association with the best beta memory and extra consideration going to originality and creativity.

We are thrilled to say that we received many creative entries that went above and beyond the call of duty, and therefore we are very pleased to be able to recognize the talent of our community!

In addition, we would also like to thank all of you for participating in such a fun an expressive way to celebrate the launch of WAKFU and the end of Open Beta.

Before announcing the winners, let’s remind us of the treasures that await the winners of this contest:

The winners will receive…

Grand Prize Winner (1x)

  • Evangelyne DX WAKFU action figure, proudly representing the Cra class
  • Complete set of four WAKFU the Animated Series Season 1 “Making of” artbooks
  • WAKFU keyart poster signed by the development team complete with unique signatures and drawings

Runner-ups (4x)

  • WAKFU keyart poster signed by the development team complete with unique signatures and drawings

Grand Prize Winner

"Chaos Eternal?
Ogrest in tears and despair.
A future untold."

By Telrienn


"The Land of Wakfu,
Controlled by what we all do,
Awaits me and you."

By sociopath

"Shot from a Cannon
I land on a distant shore
New things to explore!"

By Zoyra

"It's my first kama
I am so excited now
What should I buy first?"

By Ariadarkholme

"Spirit, our passion
Wakfu, our drive to fight on
Chaos, our new foe."

By Kizlyar


Please use the Zaap to see all the entries.