Fragments of the Truth

Fragments of the Truth

Earlier this week we reported on the new live event regarding the Empire’s forces drawing ever closer to the gates of Eorzea’s City States. Today, we’ve discovered what they’re after.


After defeating the Imperial Forces with the most recent event, players have a chance to obtain a Faded Page- which as it turns out, is a page from Urianger’s Journal, which he was parted with during recent events.

The NPC Ziuz Amariyo caught my attention in Gridania and told me a tale of an Archon being pursued by the Garlean Empire which led me to finding Urianger in a cave in the Black Shroud. I’ve included the dialogue below.

There’s probably a good chance that Urianger will make an appearance near each City State so make sure to keep an eye out so you can return a page of his lost journal for a lodestone achievement.

Ziuz Amariyo: Tidings! I bear tidings of the Archon who prophesies the end of days! Speak with me if you would know more!
Greetings and well met, friend. If I might speak plain, you are evidently a worldly sort. I doubt not that you’ve already heard tell of the Garlean Empire and the mysterious prophet it pursues.

If rumors can be believed, the prophet is one of the twelve Archons of legend. While I can ill attest to the truth of this, one thing is certain: the Garleans mean to apprehend the man, and pursue him with the fervor of bloodhounds who have scented their prey.

Hearing their baying, the Archon reportedly went to ground, and naught more was heard of him. Until now, that is. It seems something has transpired that compelled him to come out of hiding in spite of the risk.

To hear the talk, the Archon was parted from his journal. Quite how he came to lose it, I know not, but the fervor with which the man seeks to recover the thing bespeaks its great worth.

The secrets it holds are a mystery, to be sure, but my instincts tell me we do not want them falling into Garlean hands. In short, an intrepid soul is required to recover the journal before the Empire can. If you would do your part to frustrate their plans for Eorzea, you might consider proffering the Archon a helping hand.

As the man never lingers in one place, his precise whereabouts are difficult to ascertain. I’m given to understand, however, that he has been observed stealing into a cave situated along the road between Humblehearth and the TamTara Deepcroft.

Urianger: All men seek truth, be they children of Eorzea and freedom, or slaves born into imperial bondage.

Garlemald seeketh to gain from the coming cataclysm. Ever doth it pursue me to this end, covetous of the knowledge I possess.

Yet I have hitherto ‘scaped the grasping hands of darkness, as my presence here doth attest. Even so, in keeping my liberty, I have lost much…my journal not least of all.

Twelve be praised, a page of my journal! Verily, the light of truth ever shineth upon they who would bask in its warmth. Very well. I shall honor my promise and share with thee that which I know.

Each era is ruled by an element, and of these the realm hath borne witness to six.

Light and darkness yet remain, one of which the Divine Chronicles foretell shall next hold sway.

Ne’er till land consumes sun can sea bear moons,Heavens spew crimson flame, hells seep black dooms.

Will destruction rain down from the firmament? Or will it seep forth from the bowels of the nether?

Whencesoever it cometh, man shall know such devastation as he hath never seen, nay not in his profoundest nightmare.

Whether thou payest the prophecy heed is thy decision to make, and thine alone.

Yet be fairly warned that disaster waiteth not for man. Shouldst thou find thy faith wanting, thou needst but look upon Dalamud’s bloody visage, and from thence to the faces of thine own loved ones.

Man was ever wont to disbelieve and to delay, yet the Twelve have granted him a conscience that he might act at the last. Hark thou unto these words if thou wouldst hearken to naught else.