Yoshida Spills More Info About FFXIV 2.0

Yoshida Spills More Info About FFXIV 2.0

Today on the official Final Fantasy XIV forums, Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida revealed some news regarding version 2.0. It sounds like this year will be a very exciting E3 with a brand new 2.0 promotional site and a brand new video. There is also a mention of releasing movies showing off in game footage.

Gamer Escape will be on the ground at this year’s E3 to get the latest information regarding the future of Final Fantasy XIV!

Naoki Yoshida Naoki Yoshida

Producer/Director Yoshida here,

Thanks for everyone’s comment regarding 2.0!

I was originally planning to keep quiet for a little longer until we were ready to release some solid information regarding 2.0, but I have changed my mind. Let me take a moment to release some initial bits of information on the forums (Going to add a link and comment in the next producer letter as well)

As you may all know, you often found the community reps responding with “In 2.0”, or “It will come post 2.0”, or “It will come with the release of 2.0”

To clarify, all of these questions/answers go through my approval before it is released to the public. If a certain topic fits one of the criteria listed below, the reps will respond with “it will be implemented” or “it will be fixed.”

  • Content that has already implemented in 2.0’s server/client
  • Content that has their specifications finalized and currently being implemented
  • Content that has their specifications finalized and planned to be implemented
  • Content that is planned to be implemented in updates after the launch of 2.0

We are currently working on the promotional site for 2.0 to prepare for this year’s E3 that will take place on June 5th. Additionally, we are in the final stages of a new video that we have been working on. Everything around me is pretty hectic with tasks related either 2.0 or the Seventh Umbral Era.

We will also be starting a new promotion at the end of the month so please look forward to that as well.

After E3, we will be releasing new information in stages. Please be advised that the promotion will also target new players who have never seen or played FFXIV so it will include content you may all be already familiar with. Don’t worry; I’m planning to include new content for the existing players too. Stay tuned!

There are a lot of features we haven’t talked about yet as well:

  • In 2.0’s Character Creation, you can change female character’s bust _____
  • You can change the length of a Miqo’te’s ___
  • Each race will start with its own starting gear
  • Letters and Deliveries will be delivered by the familiar ________
  • Benchmark program is being remade for 2.0
  • When you first play 2.0, the 2D world map is covered and you will have to actually travel to that part of the map to unlock it
  • New characters and primals will be added to the main scenario

I should stop here. If I say any more, I’m going to give Morbol and Kato a heart attack (or they might just kill me). Either way, we will be releasing movies with lots of in-game footage, so for now stay tuned and enjoy the fight against the threat of the Seventh Umbral Era.

Oh, and Dalamud looks even more insane in patch 1.22